The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning - Love, Health and Money


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What is The Wheel of Fortune card? What does it mean for humans? All will be answered in detail in this article.

1. What is The Wheel of Fortune card?

The Wheel of Fortune is the 10th card of the Major Arcana, the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is one of the most iconic cards in the deck, filled with signs that each one has its own. own meaning. 

The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes luck, change and a new direction in your life. Although it also shows ups and downs, the card's overall message is a positive one indicating changes for luck and the better. 
The Wheel of Fortune is illustrated with a giant wheel in the center. It originates from the spinning wheel of the Moirai sisters including Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos of Greek mythology, also the trio of gods who decide the fate of mankind.
The central part of the rotation are the alchemical elements mercury, sulfur, water and salt, the four elements that give life to the Earth. The outer ring of the wheel represents the tangible physical world, plus the eight spokes represent the energy that spreads throughout the world.
The wheel of fortune spins like never before, seemingly to say that life is made up of both good and bad times, and the cycle is one that we cannot control. It is something that must be endured by both kings and workers, and no one on earth can avoid what is fate.. 
Supporting the wheel is Anubis - the Egyptian God of Death, at the top of the wheel is a sphinx representing the origin, strength and human wisdom. To the right of the wheel there is a snake, representing Typhon - the Egyptian god who brings retribution and calamities to mankind.
The four corners of the card are respectively the zodiac signs representing the four groups of elements in the 12 signs, including Aquarius in the Air group, Scorpio in Water, Leo in Fire and Taurus in Earth. All are added wings, symbolizing the stability between the rotation of creation.

The image of the four creatures living in the four corners is not clear, showing the ignorance of the fate of the parties, and also representing the change of fate like the hidden secrets, which are only grasped one by one. vaguely without clear understanding.

The four living beings facing the scriptures, which represent the continual reinforcement of a certain idea, also mean ceaselessly reading or disseminating intellectual information, and of course it also means pronouncing , backing and reporting. The four living beings are in charge of all aspects of the four types of problems and ideas, each of which represents at least some aspects such as emotions, money, power, and mental states.

Should you read Tarot cards to predict the future ? Yes! Tarot can still make predictions in the near future with high accuracy, but it should be understood that Tarot is not absolute and imposed, but on the contrary encourages users to have their own opinions based on on the information that Tarot supports.

2. The Wheel of Fortune card meaning

The following is a summary of the meaning of The Wheel of Fortune card to help people have the most complete and understandable overview before going into detailed explanations.
Key word Interpret keywords in action
The beginning
  • Start a new phase, something new
  • Limited search, limit expansion
  • Start a new adventure, a new journey
  • Towards the unknown
To the tipping point
  • Change your direction.
  • Review everything in life.
  • Change in destiny.
  • Reality change.
  • Surprised by the change.
Feel the transformation
  • Experience change.
  • Change your life rhythm.
  • Gone with the development of things.
  • Back to the workings of the world.
  • Join the transformation.
Have your own vision
  • See how everything ties together.
  • Clearer perception.
  • See loops.
  • Vision is expanded.
  • There are objective, comprehensive reviews.
  • Find your own goals and roles
Some opposing cards
  • Two Of Swords: Stuck, falling into a dead end
  • Four Of Swords: Rest, Silence, Slow Rhythm
  • Four Of Pentacles: Unchangeable, unchangeable
  • Seven Of Pentacles: Evaluate Before Change
Some support cards
  • Eight Of Wands – fast-paced, fast-paced

2.1 The Wheel of Fortune card upright meaning


Unexpected luck is coming, situations are about to change, adapting to circumstances to bring success, seizing opportunities given by fate, unexpected developments, unpredictable future, changing love unexpected change.

In the upright position, the meaning that the card brings to you will favor luck and prefer arrangement, however, the operating mechanism of the wheel of fortune is often beyond human grasp. The upcoming information will be uncertain, but as long as you understand and accept your fate, seize the opportunities created by the wheel of fortune, everything will still go in a positive direction.
Keyword: "Change for the better"

The Wheel of Fortune card appears in an underground position reminding us that everything, good or bad, will pass. Appreciate the present, live to the fullest with passion and see everything in a positive way, always ready to face difficulties and challenges.
Each person's life cycle will appear many turning points, both opportunities and karma from the things they have done in the past. You need to believe in the law of cause and effect, no matter what, keep your spirits up and follow the cycle of fate.
The Wheel of Fortune card shows that you are showing signs of wanting to quit your job, although it brings many good things, but you can no longer find what you need from it.
However, this card does not signal your change to be positive or negative, everything depends on your previous decisions. Believe in yourself and do what you feel is right
This card brings good signals for you, especially if you are having financial difficulties. You are about to receive a bonus or profit from your business.
You can sell real estate, stocks, securities that are no longer profitable as expected, invest in growth stocks or other things, then start your own business, do the work that interests you and make money for yourself.
The Wheel of Fortune in a straight forward signifies a good time for those who are single. You are ready to enter a new relationship, pay attention to the person who is about to appear in front of you.
Your current emotions no longer meet the needs of your soul. You can try to talk to your other half, hoping that can help each other reconnect emotionally. If you can't come to an agreement, you can firmly leave the other person and find new love, that's okay.

Maybe you will take bolder actions such as eating with strangers, meeting friends, meeting someone on a trip, ... to start your new relationship. Knowing that suppressing your emotions and resisting change can lead to an imbalance in your mind and body, you'd better open up, release your emotions, and accept any change.
The Wheel of Fortune card upright shows that you have a healthy body. You make yourself healthier and more attractive through exercise and dietary control.
The card implies that you are feeling tired and difficult to face changes in your life. However, what happens is more or less derived from your previous decisions, take time to rest and recharge for the next plans.

2.2 The Wheel of Fortune reversed card meaning

The Wheel of Fortune reversed card

Bad luck is coming suddenly, you are unable to cope with changes in circumstances, lose control of the development of things, miss opportunities, do not grasp the crucial moment of fate, love adverse emergency, no answer, manipulated, secret.

When the card is reversed, the tendency is bad luck, determined by the environment, by being deceived, forced, by time, people, environment or because you are not ready, feeling difficult and dangerous. .

In this process, in addition to reviewing your own learning situation and discussing your attitude towards the current environment, you as a person also need to use your creativity to create a good fortune. new destiny, get rid of the old revolutionary path.

Whether the wheel of fortune is forward or the wheel of fate turns backwards, it will help your life, don't think negatively, when fate is not smooth, don't lament and refuse fate but accept the limitations. fate bestowed upon you.
Keywords: "What goes up, must go down". 
The Wheel of Fortune card in reverse position in tarot readings shows that you have the ability to switch jobs because you no longer love it, you are tired of repetitive things, need a lot of breakthrough to change. better.
Trying hard and failing, ineffectiveness, misunderstood by colleagues or leaders, hopeless hope, low grades in study, error-prone work, no way out.
There are less opportunities to make money in the coming time, so it's wise to prepare financially in the coming months and months. The reversed wheel of fortune means that it wants you to prepare more money, limit spending if you want to be safe and financially comfortable in the coming months. In addition, the current environment is not conducive to making large investments or embarking on new ventures.
Your financial situation is in serious crisis because stocks, securities, real estate, etc. you have invested before, it has been affected by bad economy, instead of making money, you are back. lose a lot of money.
The Wheel of Fortune reversed shows that you are having many problems in your current relationship. Lack of essentials, unstable relationships, failed marriages, short-lived relationships are likely, cooled passions, heartbreaks, missed opportunities for love.
The relationship between you and your partner has changed drastically due to being busy with real life, enthusiasm for each other also gradually fades, life of both is increasingly boring, lack of spiritual communication. , this situation leads to cold feelings.

When the two of you leave each other, the biggest reason is that your other half leaves you for another relationship. After breaking up, you still can't forget the sweetness and hurt in the old relationship, so you can't accept a new relationship.
You are used to suppressing your emotions and resisting any change, such mentality will make your health vulnerable due to physical and mental imbalance in real life. You have to change your attitude to life, learn to “let go” and start changing your daily positive habits to improve your physical and mental well-being.
Now is the time to use your energy judiciously, as your physical and emotional energy may be at an all-time low.

3. The Wheel of Fortune card when combined with other cards

There will be several important combinations of The Wheel of Fortune as follows:
The Wheel of Fortune and The Devil
The Devil and the Wheel of Fortune when combined often warn you to be careful not to fall into the temptations of life. Everything that is flashy and good on the surface is dangerous and can cause you to fall into tragedy.
The Wheel of Fortune and The Emperor
The Emperor and the Wheel of Fortune, when appearing together in a reading, often represent some particular change in life, which can be for the better or vice versa.
The Wheel of Fortune and The Star
You will suddenly become famous or recognized by those around you when these two cards appear. If you work in the field of art, this is the right time to introduce your work to everyone.
The Wheel of Fortune and The Magician
The Magician and the Wheel of Fortune, if they appear together, will only signal sudden changes that will turn your life upside down. However, do not worry because these changes are all positive.