Death Tarot Card Meaning - Love, Health and Money


Nội dung chính [Hiện]

The Death tarot card typically represents transformation, change, and the end of a cycle. It is often depicted as a skeleton or a Grim Reaper figure, holding a scythe. However, contrary to popular belief, the Death card does not always mean literal physical death. Rather, it can signify the end of a relationship, a job, or a phase of life, as well as the opportunity for growth and new beginnings.

In a tarot reading, the Death card can be interpreted as a call to let go of old patterns and embrace the unknown. It may also suggest the need to face one's fears and confront difficult truths in order to move forward. The Death card can be a powerful symbol of transformation and rebirth, and can offer hope in times of uncertainty and upheaval.

1. What is the Death card?

The Death card is an extremely suitable card for the number 13 and represents the end in Tarot. That is why when spreading tarot cards, there are quite a few people who read this card with a bias of bad luck and loss.

Death shows us the image of the god of death - a skeleton wearing black armor, riding a white horse. The skeleton represents the body part that lasts long after life leaves it, the armor symbolizes invincibility and death will come no matter what. Its dark color is mourning and mysterious, while the white horse is the color of purity and acts as a symbol of strength and power.

Death carries a black flag decorated with a white five-pointed rose, reflecting beauty, purification and immortality and the roman number 5 on the card represents change.

When taken together, these symbols reveal that death is not just the end of life. Death is also about ending and beginning, birth and rebirth, change and transformation. There is beauty in death, it is an inherent part of life.

Death is perhaps the most feared and misunderstood of all the cards in the Tarot deck. Just by mentioning the name of the card, most people are bewildered, worried that they will suddenly flip and die as soon as this card appears. Let's relax! The Death card can be one of the most active cards in the Tarot deck.

After a pause and reflection with The Hanged Man, the Death card comes to people to symbolize the end of an important period or aspect in life when it is no longer serving you, it opens up the possibility of something far more valuable and essential.

You have to close one door to open another. You need to put the past behind you and part with it, ready to embrace new opportunities and possibilities. 

It can be difficult to let go of the past, but you will soon see its importance and promise of renewal and transformation. If you resist these necessary endings, you may be hurt both emotionally and physically, but if you exercise your imagination and envision a new possibility, you will grow and prosper. luckier

Death indicates a time of significant transformation, change and transition. You need to transform and remove the old to bring in the new. Any change should be welcomed as a positive, cleansing, transformative force in your life. Death and the removal of old elements can help you open the door to a broader, more satisfying life experience.

While the upcoming upheavals may seem unwelcome and painful, this major change can entail a series of unexpected surprises that create new opportunities and advantages for you.

Death also reminds you to learn to let go of unhealthy attachments in your life to pave the way for a more fulfilling, fuller and deeper meaningful life.

Death teaches you to let go of old and outdated ways of life, forcing you to get rid of them. This is a perfect card to break a bad habit or outdated pattern of behavior.

See when drawing this card is the right time for you to cut out what is redundant and let go of what is not necessary for your life. Get rid of old furniture, memories and luggage that are holding you back.

2. Death card meaning

The following is a summary of the meaning of the Death card through  Tarot reading  to help people have the most complete and understandable overview before going into detailed interpretations.

Key word Interpret keywords in action
  • Close one door to open another
  • Bringing something to an end
  • Complete a stage
  • Closing unfinished work
  • Leaving the past behind
  • Choose your own path
Experiencing change
  • Change status
  • From knowing to not knowing
  • Procrastination, not sure
  • Waiting in a state of halfway, encroaching
  • Stuck in the middle
Abandon limits
  • Get rid of unnecessary things
  • Let go of the old attitude
  • Simplify
  • Focus on the essentials
  • Back to basics
Experience the exciting effects
  • Constant and sudden change
  • Can't dodge
  • Experiencing things that cannot be ignored
  • Drive your destiny
  • Accept the inevitable
Some opposing cards
  • Empress: Reproductive
  • Judgment: Rebirth, fresh start
Some support cards
  • Tower: Sudden, powerful impact
  • 8 of Wands: The end, the end
  • 5 of Cups: Loss, farewell
  • 8 of Cups: Move on, finish

2.1 Death card upright meaning


Death is one of the scariest cards in the Tarot deck, and it can be easily misunderstood. Many people avoid mentioning this card because it has so much power. Most people take the name of the card literally. However, the true meaning of the Death card is one of the most positive in the entire deck.
Death signals that an important period in your life is ending and a new one will begin. You just close one door, so a new one will open. The past needs to be put behind you so that you can focus your energy on what lies ahead.

Another meaning that this card gives is that you are about to undergo a great change. Your old version needs to be "dead" to allow you to create a new version. This can be a scary time for you as you may be uncertain about what will happen in the future. Even if you are scared, you should welcome change because you are opening the door to new events in your life.
Keywords: Let go of the old, embrace the new

If you are considering a job change, job change, or business change, this card could be a signal that you should jump in and take action now.

Maybe you have gone through a period of lethargy, disinterest and frustration with your current job, if you don't take decisive action, life events may force you to change.

You are sticking to your current path because it provides stability, certainty, and security, but if you feel unchallenged, you will lose more than comfort, staying in your comfort zone. It's going to take a long time to go up.

Often when one door closes another opens, capture the changes that are happening right now and dive into it. You can do it! 

This stage can also be the beginning of a change in the way you handle your relationship with money. Determine exactly what you are facing, face it, then do what needs to be done. In the end, you'll get more out of this lesson.

When it comes to love and relationships, the meaning of Death in the Tarot can indicate that you are stuck in emotional dynamics that are no longer working.

If you have been and are in a relationship, in order for this relationship to continue, you must learn to accept change. Sometimes, this card can also indicate that you may want to end the relationship, especially when both are in conflict or are prevented. If you have the courage to leave the comfort zone of this relationship, you will find another that is much better. 

It is important to remember that you must not be pessimistic, all closed doors will be opened. Although this card is quite difficult to accept in love, transformation for one partner or another may be necessary to help both of you grow so don't be pessimistic.
If you are single, the meaning of the Death card can indicate negative beliefs, attitudes or behaviors that you are currently letting go of, it can help you develop healthy relationships in life. stronger and more durable.

Managing stress is the way to stay healthy during this time. Purple ways to solve all physical problems, do not shy away. Get enough rest, don't poison yourself with alcohol and the like.  

If your health is bad and illness makes you feel pessimistic, try to embrace the changes to come by changing your attitude. Try to find something positive every day even when you feel sick.

You can also try a new approach you haven't tried before like another diet, energy therapy, maybe there's some good news to come. 

Cultivate positive attitudes. Understand that even if you are lost in the fog of your soul, everything will pass. Don't resist change. Allow yourself to feel what it really feels like, but don't wallow in despair, if you need help pulling yourself out of any pain or loss, get out. 

2.2 Death card reversed meaning


The meaning of the reversed Death card is still about change, but you have resisted it. You may be worried about letting go of the past or you may not be sure about the changes you need to make in order to move on. Remember that resisting change and holding on to the past can limit your future, which can make you feel like you're in a limbo with no way out.

You should take a moment to evaluate the ways in which you have been approaching changes in your life. In the midst of fear, you should trust that you are taking the right steps and moving forward. Life goes on, the passage of time will only leave you with regrets, if you wait any longer, you will lose all opportunities.
Keywords: If you resist change, you will go backwards

Take the time to figure out what needs to change to get you where you want to be on the career ladder and make it happen. Death reversed doesn't mean that you should ignore these feelings, it does mean that you should seriously consider exactly how you are feeling, why you are, and what you can do about it.

Don't try everything to blame others. As with the positive meaning, it is best to change the field of work. If that's what you want, then have the courage to jump and believe you can.

can be tight when this card appears, you may experience a sudden decrease in income or loss of money. If that happens, don't let it put you off, this change will lead you somewhere positive and you'll learn quite a bit from there.

If you're in financial trouble, don't head into debt, make practical adjustments, and keep moving in a positive direction. If you're on a tight budget, trade nights out with booze for cozy evenings with close friends, they're the ones pulling you up right now. Remember, all financial problems will be fine in the long run if you are willing to make the necessary changes.

The card signals a strong resistance to change when it comes to your approach and attitude towards relationships. This can cause the relationship to stagnate and no longer help either of you grow. The two of you can only be together because you feel comfortable, not tied or scared when you are alone, feelings gradually cool down.
On the other hand, old relationships can also be revived. If you are single, the reversed Death suggests that you must avoid negative stereotypes and motivations in order to enter the path of love.

You will have self-esteem problems or wounds that need to be healed, if you want to find someone new to love and respect, you need to let go of the past, open your heart, and at the same time, you should love and respect your love. feelings of those who flirt sincerely.

This card reversed can be a sign that you are fighting your health problems or are not proactive in treating illness.

Maybe your health condition is a physical symptom of a deeper problem that you are trying to solve. Maybe you have old fears around a particular illness and as a result you avoid going to the doctor out of fear.

The Death Card represents spiritual transformation. When reading the Tarot, it points to a time when you can connect deeply with your higher self and discover spiritual depths you may not have known you possessed. 

This mental transition can be brought about by grief or loss or heartbreak that you have experienced. It can represent a difficult transition from an old situation to a new beginning. Try to embrace change even when it is difficult, it will lead you to your higher path.

3. Death card when combined with other cards 

Death and The Hierophant/ The Lovers

When the Death card is combined with The Lovers card in a tarot reading, it can suggest a major transformation or ending in a romantic relationship. This may be a painful process, but it can ultimately lead to greater understanding and deeper connections between partners.

If the Death card is paired with The Hierophant, it may indicate a significant change or upheaval within a religious or spiritual community. This could involve a shift in beliefs or a departure from traditional practices, and may require the individual to navigate difficult moral or ethical questions. The combination of these cards can suggest the need for introspection and a willingness to challenge established norms in order to find one's own path. 

Death and The World

When the Death card is combined with The World card in a tarot reading, it can suggest a significant transformation or change on a global or universal level. This may involve a major event or shift in society, such as the end of an era or the start of a new one. The combination of these cards can indicate the need for acceptance of change and the ability to adapt to new circumstances.

Additionally, the Death and World combination can also signify the completion of a major project or journey. This could be a personal or professional accomplishment that requires closure and reflection. The combination of these cards can suggest a time of achievement and a sense of fulfillment, as well as the need to let go of old ways of thinking and embrace new opportunities

Death and The Devil

When the Death card is combined with The Devil card in a tarot reading, it can suggest a period of intense struggle and challenge. The Death card signifies the end of a cycle or transformation, while The Devil represents bondage and negative patterns that hold us back.

This combination of cards can indicate a situation where the individual is caught in destructive behaviors or relationships that are difficult to break free from. The Death card can offer the possibility of transformation and change, but the presence of The Devil suggests that this will not be an easy process.

The Death and Devil combination can also suggest the need to confront one's fears and shadow aspects in order to move forward. This may involve facing uncomfortable truths about oneself or making difficult choices that require sacrifice and self-discipline. The overall message of these cards together is that while the journey may be challenging, there is the potential for growth and liberation on the other side.

Death kết hợp với The Moon

When the Death card is combined with The Moon card in a tarot reading, it can suggest a period of intense emotional upheaval and uncertainty. The Death card signifies transformation and change, while The Moon represents the realm of the subconscious and hidden fears.

This combination of cards can indicate a situation where the individual is experiencing profound inner turmoil and struggling to make sense of their emotions. The Death card can offer the possibility of a new beginning or transformation, but the presence of The Moon suggests that this may involve facing uncomfortable truths and confronting fears.

The Death and Moon combination can also suggest a need for patience and trust in the unknown. This may be a time of confusion and ambiguity, but it is important to stay grounded and open to the messages of the subconscious. The overall message of these cards together is that while the journey may be difficult and uncertain, there is the potential for deep healing and personal growth on the other side.