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In addition to the five elements - feng shui facilities, we have more zodiac facilities. Seeing the zodiac is quite popular and trusted by many people for a long time. Let's find out what people born in December belong to and answer some related questions.  

What sign are people born in December? What's so special about being born in December?

People born in December belong to which of the 12 zodiac signs? People born in December have nothing special compared to other months. This article below helps you answer questions about people born in December.

1. What is the sign of people born in December?

December, the last month of the year, the month of the cold winter filled with nostalgia, regret, and anticipation. However, people born in December are always those who bring warmth and love to everyone.

Each month of the year contains 2 different zodiac signs. To know exactly what zodiac sign people born in that month are based on their date of birth. So to answer what zodiac sign people born in December belong to, we divide them as follows:

Sagittarius : Calculated from December 1 to December 21. If you were born during this period, you will be a Sagittarius man or woman

Capricorn : This zodiac sign is counted from December 22 to December 31. If you were born during this period, you will be a Capricorn man or woman.

 2. What is the date of birth in December?

In December, there are 2 zodiac signs, each of which will have its own different element. December consists of Capricorn and Sagittarius, belonging to two different elements, so they will have different fates.

To answer the question of birth in December, what destiny, what sign, please follow below.

Sagittarius: in the East called the Fire par, belongs to the element of Fire.

Capricorn: in the East called the Earth par, belongs to the Earth element.

3. December born in which color?

Each year of birth and month of birth will have a different zodiac sign. Each sign will have a different color of destiny. So what color are people born in December? Which color helps people born in December attract luck and fortune. Let's find out together under this article.

Sagittarius: white, yellow and beige are the lucky colors of this zodiac sign.

Capricorn: white, gold, beige and silver are the lucky colors of this zodiac sign.

December Zodiac Horoscope – Decoding Destiny, Personality

Above has been answered to tell us which sign people born in December belong to, next let's find out more about the personality and destiny of the 2 zodiac signs!

A. Sagittarius (December 1 - December 21)

In December there are 2 zodiac signs we have deciphered above which are Sagittarius and Capricorn. People born in the range (December 1 - December 21 belong to Sagittarius.

In English, Sagittarius, also known as Sagittarius, is the 9th astrological sign in December of the 12 zodiac signs.

A monster in the shape of a half-man, half-horse in Sumerian legend, with a sharp bow and arrow as the symbol representing the sign of Sagittarius. Follow the article below to learn more about Sagittarius.

1. Sagittarius Male Personality

 Sagittarius men have three personality traits as follows: Responsible, enjoy a free life, they are extravagant and arrogant.


They are people who value credibility, if they disappoint someone, they will torment themselves.

When Sagittarius men have decided to do something, they will try to do it to the end, not giving up halfway.

They are people who always know how to spend time with their family, no matter how busy they are, they still arrange and spend time with their family. For them family is the priority, the most important and constantly strives to make their parents proud.

Sagittarius men are flower lovers, but when they have a lover, they are very loyal. As practical but faithful people, they always try to take care of their partner to the best of their ability.

» Like freedom: 

 They hate the bondage, like the freedom to be free with their own life, they don't like to follow the will of others. They like new things, explore and discover, are dynamic people, so this guy's life is very colorful.

» Arrogant, Goofy:

As a self-loving and knowledgeable guy, they sometimes become overconfident, making them arrogant.

» Like Freedom: 

Sagittarius man always loves his freedom, hates being tied down or having to do the will of others. Likes to explore and discover new things, being an active person, this guy's life is very colorful.

2. Sagittarius Woman Personality

When it comes to female Sagittarius, surely everyone thinks this girl is mischievous and lovely. To generalize the female Sagittarius personality, include the following words: optimistic, straightforward, humorous, sociable and inquisitive.

" Optimistic: 

The Sagittarius woman, no matter what happens, always maintains an optimistic and loving spirit.

They have great positive energy, the energy in this girl when spread is capable of bringing motivation and inspiration to the people around them.

" Straight: 

The Sagittarius woman will frankly give their opinion if she disagrees with those opinions. In any relationship or work, they are very straightforward and do not like roundabouts.

» Humor, Harmony:

They are funny girls who laugh a lot and like to talk to you if they feel you are a good listener.

The Sagittarius woman loves to help people for them, helping others is training themselves. In addition, their sociability and friendliness help them gain the love of everyone.

3. Which sign does Sagittarius match with?

To be able to understand and sympathize with each other, Sagittarius men and women need to choose the zodiac sign that suits them.

Zodiac signs that have a complementary personality will help a happy life and a smooth marriage.

Answer which sign is suitable for Sagittarius man:
» Sagittarius Man Matches Aries Woman 

Sagittarius and Aries both possess cheerful, sociable personalities. When being together, the positivity of both will make both feel comfortable.

Instead of being silent when having problems with the other side, these two zodiac signs will frankly acknowledge the problem and share and solve it together.

Both of these two have temperamental personalities, do not like to be tied down. But if they love enough, they know how to harmonize and yield to each other.

» Sagittarius Man Matches Gemini Woman

Pisces woman is a person who loves to explore and experience. Therefore the two are very compatible with each other. They both don't like to be tied down, so they know how to respect each other's privacy.

 In a relationship, they know how to balance emotion and reason. Instead of arguing, they choose to be quiet and wait for both of them to calm down, then sit back and listen to each other share.

» Sagittarius Man Matches Aquarius Woman

Sagittarius man belongs to fire element, Aquarius woman belongs to wind element, surely people will think that wind put out fire but no, in a positive way, both will support each other to burn together.

Although they are peachy, once they fall in love, they both like to be serious, promote loyalty and trust each other. 

Their personalities are opposite, so they both make up for the other's shortcomings and change together.

Answer which zodiac female Sagittarius is suitable for: 
» Sagittarius Woman Matches Capricorn Man

Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman have opposite personalities, they make up for the lack of each other.

The Sagittarius woman is delicate and understanding, so they are suitable for a man who loves work like Capricorn. Both people know how to listen to the other's problems and offer words of encouragement at the right time.

» Sagittarius Woman Matches Leo Male

The Leo man is strong and quiet and is always attracted to fast, lovely people like the Sagittarius girl and vice versa.

 The subtle Leo man will make the Sagittarius woman feel at peace, because he understands and tolerates the stubbornness of the Sagittarius woman.

» Sagittarius Woman Matches Libra Man

The Sagittarius girl with a carefree, thoughtless personality and likes to do her own thing must be very suitable for a guy who listens and understands like the Libra guy.

The guy Thiem Binh is quite cold, sometimes the Sagittarius girl is angry because of that coldness, but that is the secret to attracting people who like to conquer.

4. Fate Sagittarius

» About Career: 

Sagittarius people always think before they say something, and they know how to seize opportunities. Once they've done something, they hope for the best.

They like communication, excitement and bravery. They are disgusted with the stereotypical work style, like to take risks and innovate.

With the personality of Sagittarius people, they have the following suitable jobs: detective, journalist, artist, guide and businessman.  

» About Love: 

Sagittarius is a very flowery sign because they always have a new source of energy, an attraction that makes them easy to conquer.

When in love, Sagittarius is very loyal even though they are spontaneous and quickly bored.

All commitments make Sagittarius feel uncomfortable, if the other party always creates new and joyful emotions and becomes their companion, the relationship will become increasingly close and sublimated.

Sagittarius often follow emotions for love affairs, so be careful before entering a relationship. If there are any problems, sit down and talk openly with the other party.

. Sagittarius amulet

Sagittarius is a confident person, but because they care too much about those around them, they often have low self-esteem. Sometimes they even forget to take care of their own health. 

Topaz is an amulet that is very suitable for Sagittarius, helping to create a sense of appetite, dispel negative feelings, and bring inherent confidence every day.

B. Capricorn (December 22 - December 31)

People born in the range (December 22 - December 31) belong to Capricorn. Capricorn in English is called Capricorn, the tenth astrological sign in December of the 12 zodiac signs.

The image of a goat and a fish's tail represents Capricorn. The image in the legend when the Goat god was attacked and had to dip into the Nile river.

1. Capricorn Male Personality

Male Capricorns are guys with a cold personality. The guy is quite mysterious with a lot of thinking, few people understand what this person really is and what they are thinking.

Before doing something, Capricorn man often has goals in mind, he craves status, fame and money. To achieve that goal, Capricorn man constantly strives and tries his best.

Contrary to the cold image outside, this guy is quite warm and romantic. They are highly possessive, they do not like their people close to others.

 When they have not found a more perfect person, they are still very loyal. In any relationship, when they are happy they always live their lives for everyone but when the relationship ends, they are very decisive and sometimes behave very petty.

2. Capricorn Female Personality

The Capricorn woman is a responsible person, always wanting everything to be fine with the people she loves. Serious, mature and thoughtful are her personality traits.

For her, everything is always carefully planned, especially public and private. Although they are a bit difficult, they are always good wives and mothers.

Although they are quite rational people, when they fall in love, they lose their reason and are easily influenced by emotions.

3. Ma is associated with which bow?

» Male Ghost Combined With Aries Female

The Aries woman is the most vivacious, gentle and sometimes the most emotional of the zodiac signs. She is easy to attract cold guys like Capricorn man.

Both of these zodiac signs are traditional, caring and caring for each other that makes them both happy.

» Male Ghost Combined with Taurus Woman

The Capricorn man is quiet and gentle, while the Taurus woman is thoughtful and meticulous. Therefore, when these two zodiac signs are next to each other, they will be very peaceful and at ease.

 They are smart and sensitive people, they are always in control and have ways to make them not quarrel, anger is just a small matter.

» Male Ghost Combines With Virgo Woman

Virgo woman is very meticulous, psychological in love and good at taking care of the person she loves. The Capricorn man is a person who works to a plan and always puts in the effort, which makes Virgo very satisfied.

The Virgo woman is a very meticulous person, good at taking care of her lover and psychologically. Male Capricorn is a person who always works according to plan and effort, which makes Virgo very satisfied.

Answer the female ghost associated with which sign:
» Female Ghost Combined with Sagittarius Man

For this couple, they both have their own dreams, but they have many similar views on life. The lively, funny Sagittarius guy will bring many fresh colors to the Capricorn woman.

When having problems, Sagittarius will help the Sagittarius woman to stabilize her mood. The humor inside the Sagittarius person will make the Capricorn remove the fastidiousness inside his personality.

» Female Ghost Combined with Aquarius Male

Aquarius boy is a caring and caring person. Capricorn woman is busy with her own goals in the future, surely the Aquarius man is a suitable choice for her.

Aquarius always looks forward to a peaceful, simple life, a caring guy and always wants to take care of the person he loves. When in love, the Capricorn woman will feel less anxious and feel comforted.

» Female Ghost Combined with Male Virgo

The two zodiac signs are mature and serious in all relationships. If in love, this will be a mature relationship and comes with responsibility.

 Besides, because they are quiet people, when they encounter sad things, both tend not to share, they will solve it themselves because they do not want to bring negativity to the other.

4. Capricorn's Fate

 » About Career:

Capricorns have great ambitions and aspirations in their career path. They always have a plan for all their plans in the future, set high goals for themselves to strive to overcome.

They are suitable for jobs that require great pressure such as finance, economics, science and engineering, and information technology related professions.

Besides, the implementation of all techniques and standards, makes Capricorn people also quite suitable for law-related jobs such as lawyers.

» About Love:

 Capricorn is mostly introverted, does not like noise, does not like to communicate with strangers. Good at hiding emotions, not expressing emotions, but quietly watching and helping the one you love.

This zodiac sign is difficult to start a romantic relationship, true love for Capricorn is when both go through hardships together and can't live without each other. 

Capricorn is a person who does not have a lot of dreams in love, they live realistic and dry. When your relationship is long enough, you will feel the warmth and care of this person.

5. Capricorn Protector Item

A person full of ambitions and aspirations. Capricorns need to prepare themselves a protective item. It helps this zodiac sign to attract wealth and avoid unnecessary risks.

Amber is the guardian item of this zodiac sign, this stone is formed from tree resin and then fossilized in ancient trees.

Owning this amulet helps Earth people like Capricorn always have good luck in both love, life and work. 

What is the list of birth dates in December?

Each day of December has a different zodiac sign because in December there are 2 zodiac signs.

Below are the specific answers for each zodiac sign born in December.

» What is December 1st? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 2nd? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 3? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 4th? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 5th? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 6th? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 7th? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 8? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 9? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 10? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 11th? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 12? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 13? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 14? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 15th? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 16? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 17? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 18? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 19? – The answer is Sagittarius 

» What is December 20? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 21st? – The answer is Sagittarius

» What is December 22? – The answer is Capricorn

» What is December 23? – The answer is Capricorn

» What is December 24th? – The answer is Capricorn

» What is December 25th? – The answer is Capricorn

» What is December 26? – The answer is Capricorn

» What is December 27? – The answer is Capricorn

» What is December 28? – The answer is Capricorn

» What is December 29? – The answer is Capricorn

» What is December 30? – The answer is Capricorn

» What is December 31st? – The answer is Capricorn


The above article has answered all of your questions related to which zodiac sign people born in December belong to. Hope this article will be useful to you.