The Magician Tarot Card Meaning - Love, Health and Money


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What is The Magician Tarot card that they can strongly influence your important future work and plans. Let's explore with us!

1. What is The Magician card?

The Magician is card 1 - the number of beginnings in the Major Arcana, a symbolic Tarot card associated with Mercury with properties related to skill, logic and wisdom. 

If The Fool tarot means 0, then The Magician is everything. There seems to be no other card that carries so many symbolic images and contains so much energy. The Magician is a powerful personal symbol that anyone in life needs.

The image of a man with one hand pointing to the sky, while the other hand pointed to the ground, as if to show his autonomy and independence between heaven and earth. This person is the Sorcerer - the one who holds the power of all things and directs the supernatural source through his own body to transmit to the material world.
On his desk, the Wizard has 4 suits in the Tarot, representing the four basic elements of alchemy: earth, air, fire and water. It represents the rational use of thoughts, emotions, body and soul.

The infinity mark on the Sorcerer's head indicates limitless creative possibilities, while across his waist appears a snake biting its own tail, which is also another symbol of eternity. 

The Wizard's staff is white, a symbol of purity and innocence as seen in The Fool, but the red cloak symbolizes experience and knowledge.

The flowerbed underfoot also echoes this duality, carrying the emotional and creative connotations we feel in life need to be nurtured. And we can reap the fruits of them. 

2. The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

The Magician can represent an expert in their field, trusted and influential. And they know their power when it comes to professionalism, inspiring others. The Magician knows how to combine all his abilities to achieve what he wants. 

With abundant resources, The Magician has the ability to choose the right people for the right job and also manipulate tricks. However, The Magician's ego is huge. Looking at the negative side will show a person capable of manipulation, cunning, cunning and full of tricks. 

See the general meaning of this card in the following table:
Key word Interpret keywords in action
  • Excellence in a certain field
  • Extremely clever and ingenious
  • Know your abilities
 Strength, Concentration
  • Know how to take advantage
  • Has real power
  • Put all your energy and enthusiasm
  • Accomplish each goal well
  • Has a strong influence
  • Create miracles
  • Maximum confidence in yourself
  • Earn everyone's trust
  • Unexpected creativity
  • Dexterity in behavior
  • Agile, do everything decisively
  • Extremely ingenious, no one notices the weakness
Some opposing cards
  • High Priestess: Loss of ability to concentrate. 
  • Hanged Man: Indecisive, nervous but afraid to act.
  • Seven of Cups: Lack of commitment.
  • Four of Swords: Quiet, does not like action.
  • Eight of Swords: Indecision and feeling inferior.
Some support cards
  • Chariot: Maximum concentration of power.
  • Two of Wands: Strong inner strength.
  • Eight of Wands: Fierce, fast action.
  • Eight of Pentacles: High concentration.
  • The Sun: Abundant energy directed towards the goal.
  • The Fool: Creative, confident towards new horizons.
  • Three of Wands: Good success.

2.1 The Magician card upright meaning

You have enough confidence, skill and creativity to accomplish all your goals. You have a desire to start something new. Confidence and assertiveness help the decisions you make will have positive results.
- Keywords: 

Skill, strength, action, power, concentration, resourcefulness. 

- Work :

The Magician card appearing in the career Tarot foretells that there are likely to be new opportunities that you can exploit if you take decisive action. If possible, make the most of your creativity.

The Magician is a card of manifestation, which means that if you have the desire and commitment to pursue whatever you want in your career, your chances of success are very high.

Think about what has been achieved and you will probably find intense willpower and motivation; This is the root of all ambition. The same goes if you're looking to start a business; Tap into your motivation and follow your dreams to the end.

Sometimes, if this card represents another person, such as a colleague or business partner, you may want to approach it cautiously but also be optimistic because they can open up things with you. New opportunities that the two of them never dared to think about.
- Love :

 The Tarot Magician's meaning in love indicates the need to make things clear. Skill, creativity, desire and determination will bring success in love.

If you're looking for love, The Magician recommends getting out and meeting people, giving you the opportunity to mate with the person of your dreams.

Because The Magician in the tarot also represents resourcefulness and ingenuity, it is important for you to ensure that there is no deception or illusion here. The Magician also brings excitement and a desire to try new relationships, so couples should be careful not to lose both the lead and the fishing rod.
- Finance :

There may be more opportunities to increase profits now, you can just pursue them passionately and the results will come as a matter of course.

As skilled mages often work with a variety of tools to carry out their will, you should also try and see what tools you have at your disposal as they could be the key to increasing your money. it doesn't take too much effort.

Ask yourself what skills do you have? What special abilities are you wasting? What innovation can bring you results in a short time? Focus on exploiting your strengths to increase your income.
- Health :

If you are tired and stressed in the past, when you see this card, it means that you are about to regain your health, confidence and energy will be full. 

If you try a few things and don't get better, you will probably make great progress if you do some alternative therapies (nutrition counseling, massage, dieting, etc.).
- Spirituality :

The card represents a good opportunity for you to learn more about spirituality. It seems that you are gradually realizing the rules of the universe, and remembering them. Those are the resources that The Magician has.

The initiative and endless potential are the strengths of the Mages. Maybe you have a chance to meet a spiritual teacher or friend. The card is a positive signal, a favorable period for you.
Tarot reading is probably a method of divination that is not too strange to many people. Introduced to Vietnam following the penetration of Western civilization, Tarot reading is a picture  

2.2 The Magician Tarot Card reversed meaning

When The Magician's signal is reversed, it means it's time to make some changes. While The Magician represents true power, its opposite can be said to be a master of illusions.

The magic he performed was a deception and trickery. You may be attracted to his performance art, but behind the scenes there may be manipulations for profit. Receiving this card reminds you to be careful with your thinking.
- Key word:

Sly, manipulative, infamous, poor planning, hidden talent. - Work :  Tarot Magician reversed appearing at work means that you need to reflect on yourself. Are you really using all your talents right now? Are there any skills your current career trajectory is missing? There can be a lot of opportunities for you to advance, if you really use your potential. You may have felt this, but feel too scared to take it because it can be a risky move. You will need to take a closer look at what the real risks are and whether your fears are realistic.
Sometimes this card can also indicate that people in your workplace may not be completely honest or may have hidden plans. If your instincts are telling you this, trust it, be more vigilant, and don't be honest with them.
Love :

The Magician symbolizes lies, negative emotions and actions. This card appearing during love fortune telling can signal that not everything is as you imagine it to be.

When it comes to new relationships, you need to dig deep to really know who they are. Even if he or she seems perfect, this may be an illusion or they are just fulfilling their "role".

In addition, The Magician reversed can indicate that you lack confidence or willpower, feel insecure in your relationship, create insecurity and your partner lacks sincere feelings in you.
Financial :

 Your financial situation makes you feel insecure at the moment. If your finances aren't as expected, you're probably not giving your best.

You have energy or talent that is being wasted, and you just need a confidence boost to put yourself in a better place. You are having problems that cause a lack of will and determination to turn your talents into money.

In addition, you run the risk of losing money, so be cautious with others when sharing details about your financial situation.
Health :

The Magician reversed, still a sign of improved health. Take good care of yourself, find a good doctor if needed.

In addition, you should also believe in your body's ability to heal itself. You will quickly see clearly that you are much better.

The Magician gives you a bad warning, you need to pay more attention to your current health or relationship.
Spirituality :

When this card appears reversed, it signifies a need for new experiences and perspectives and even taking on a new path that you used to think and work with your spirit.

Change different approaches to the same problem. Try new things, talk to many people to find your way.

3. When combined with other typical cards

  • Chariot combined with The Magician is focused, focused, powerful.
  • Two of Wands and The Magician show personal power, using a powerful force.
  • Eight of Wands - The Magician is a quick action icon, making his moves.
  • Eight of Pentacles and The Magician: focus and focus.
  • When The Magician and The Sun go together, it indicates a great energy to be used to achieve great goals.
  • The Fool complements The Magician in a positive way. Your talent helps you move fast on your plans and your friends are building great confidence in both you and your ideas.
  • Three of Wands and The Magician mean good success, if there is a chance to invest in risky, the percentage of winning is very high.