The Justice Tarot Card Meaning - Love, Health and Money


Nội dung chính [Hiện]

The Justice tarot card and the wonderful meanings behind it will surely make many people excited and predict the future after drawing this card.

1. What is the Justice card?

In  tarot reading , the Justice card numbered XI gives us the image of a character presiding over the universe. They are sitting on their pedestals with balance scales and swords of truth.

In some versions, we see this person blindfolded, it represents objectivity and fairness. The law does not discriminate and applies equally to the weak as well as to the strong. Justice's scales are perfectly balanced. It represents the perfect balance between the past and the future.

Past and future are in balance not in time but in Justice's keen eye. Justice's sword is a symbol of action. The sword pointing straight up signifies both determination and wisdom.

In the card picture, the "Messenger of Justice" robe is red, covering the whole body to the ground, showing enthusiasm, enthusiasm for the common good and enthusiasm. The cape is covered with a green shawl, the hem of the hat is also green, it can also be seen that the color of the shirt inside is still green, the combination of these greens is emphasizing the interior. His heart is to promote peace.
This person's right foot sticks out of his robe, white shoes can be seen, and his right foot touches the steps of the hall, this gesture represents the fusion of truth and stepping on truth. The messenger of justice holds the scale in his left hand, at this time the scale is in balance, and the sword is also raised vertically, representing an accurate and fair judgment, balanced.

A purple curtain hangs between two pillars behind the messenger of justice. The purple material signifies nobility and inviolability, embodies the majesty of justice, and the veil that covers it connotes mystery and unknown.

Justice's appearance is associated with the message "No matter what reality is, everything will be okay" and justice always exists in some form: the law, the law of cause and effect.

Justice is the middle card in the Tarot, representing the principle of balance and equality. The number 11 also has the meaning of equality and fairness for both sides. Justice has feminine traits that favor healing and serenity. The influence of Saturn gives Justice a "slow but steady" nature, linking Justice to the nature of the earth.

For justice, right and wrong have opinions, rewards and punishments will be clearly distinguished, this is a manifestation of cause and effect, there is no chance at all. Justice also guides you in the right direction and informed decisions.

2. The Justice tarot card meaning

The following is a summary of the meaning of the Justice card through Tarot reading to help people have the most complete and understandable overview before going into detailed interpretations.
Key word Interpret keywords in action
Respect justice
  • Focus on fairness
  • Ethical behavior
  • Interested in legal issues, rules
  • Honesty Guaranteed
  • Seeking justice, truth
  • No bias, no injustice
  • Try to do the right thing
  • Settlement of debts owed to others
  • Dare to do, dare to take responsibility
  • Realize what the truth is
  • Acknowledgment of related influences
  • Take on the situation
  • Do what needs to be done
Prepare to make a decision
  • Consider all sides of the problem
  • Prepare for the future process
  • Balance all factors
  • Sound decision
  • Decide when you have enough information
Understand cause - effect
  • Accept the results you create
  • See how we create the situation
  • Realize the law of cause and effect
  • Understand what is reasonable
  • Link events together
Some opposing cards
  • Two of Swords: Avoid failure, avoid responsibility
  • Five of Swords: Lack of integrity, not doing things right
  • Seven of Swords: Avoiding Responsibility
Some support cards
  • The Emperor: Justice, Law, Legal Matters
  • Judgment: Decide, accept past actions/mistakes
  • Ten of Wands: Take responsibility, be responsible
  • Nine of Swords: Regret the past, admit it wrong
  • Seven of Pentacles: Know your present, decide your future

2.1 The Justice tarot card meaning upright


Being Justice gives us wise decisions, seeing the truth, judgment and right choices, fair treatment, right way, reason and justice will prevail over all.
You communicate rationally, have temperament, often talk with gentle and elegant subjects, it also speaks to the balance between lovers, comfortable communication, honest love, sincere communication, balance between career and friendship. 
You are about to enter into a legally contractual relationship with your partner, that is, marriage. As for love, you have a strong belief that if you find your partner can't cooperate, you will immediately end the marriage by separation or divorce.

Keywords:  Balance and harmony


Justice leaves excellent grades in different subjects, balance between career and family, success in acting with integrity at work, you know how to balance balance between study, career and social activities, you are suitable for a job related to the law.

You want to achieve the perfect balance between work and life, between individuals and groups, between emotions and reasons, without sacrificing one for the other.

Recently, you need to rearrange your work and life, because sometimes you are too focused on work and neglect personal time, so it is easy for family and friends to complain about work. You like to have multiple jobs and live a busy, fulfilling life, you really can do this in the best way. 


The lawsuit you faced before can now be won, all your financial problems can be resolved, you have a decent income and a new job contract. This is a good time for you to seize the opportunity to get rich, sue and enjoy a balanced life.


If you are wondering if you and your lover can continue together, maybe the answer will be to go separate ways. On the contrary, if you are single, you will probably be in a serious relationship very soon. Be clear about what you want out of a relationship, and you'll get it soon.


The condition of obesity and overweight due to busy work, so eating disorderly before will be overcome. You will stay physically fit through exercise, travel or rest.


Comfortable mood, balanced soul, no longer care about the gain or loss in life. The vibrations in your soul recently are extremely "artistic" and reasonable.

2.2 The Justice tarot card meaning reversed


Justice denotes wrong decisions, unfair treatment, undiscipline, lack of ideals, disorientation, irrationality, prejudice, stubbornness, caution, over-indifference, lack of emotional understanding.

When Justice is reversed, it represents injustice, injustice, and prejudiced opinions. In the process, the parties may not get what they want in their hearts and what they think they should get.

The reversed sword also represents wrong choices or decisions, wrong judgment leads to mistakes in actions, even harm to the parties, the curtain behind is affected by selfishness, own subjective opinions and the opinions of stakeholders lead to the measurement of their own interests, sole profit, selfishness, self-interest.
Keywords:  Law of cause and effect,


Regarding work, Justice warns that hasty decisions obviously cannot bring good results, moreover the work results are not good, even worse than before, leading to later you have to compensate for the consequences. his haste.

Maybe you are being treated unfairly. However, there is probably nothing you can do to change that in the immediate future. Think objectively and scientifically about what is happening and do not let emotions overwhelm you and then "pick a knife to stab your hip". 

You are paranoid in your work attitude, so you are often the one to blame. If something goes wrong at work, you and the people involved will get into an endless argument, blaming each other and hard to ignore. 


You are not good at financial management, often have a series of deficits in the accounting books due to imbalance in revenue and expenditure, causing a financial crisis. If not controlled, your life will be plunged into debt, deadlock.

Be careful with money, especially cash, where you keep it, and who can get it. If you're waiting for help or financial advice from someone else, chances are you'll have a long wait. Learn to be patient.


You are not single-minded in your feelings, often standing on this mountain looking at that mountain, after being discovered, your attitude is to avoid reality. You can't give all your love to just one person, as long as you feel a little pressure in love, you want to break up, get a divorce, after breaking up you and the other person can still maintain contact in the name of friendship. .


You don't care much about your health, under a lot of pressure and a variety of situations, you may suffer from anorexia or binge eating that makes your body and mind lose balance.


If you find things too difficult, read the articles of the current Dalai Lama, it will help a lot. Practice compassion, for yourself, and for the world. Do not isolate yourself in torment anymore.

3. The Justice Tarot card with other cards

Justice and The Tower
The Tower and Justice together often bring signals of change for you, most likely negative change. Experiencing suffering to grow up and become stronger, learn how to overcome all storms of life.
Justice and Judgment
These two cards often cause confusion when standing next to each other. However, this combination says that you need to bravely face your mistakes in the past and in the present. You are human, so it is inevitable that you will make mistakes. No matter how bad it is, it's still better if you know how to turn around and fix them.
Justice and Strength
You need to be more confident in yourself when this combination appears. You are more talented than you think and now is the time to break through to success.
Justice and The Hierophant/ The Emperor
The Hierophant/The Emperor and Justice appear together, often indicating that you are about to get into legal problems. Whether you like it or not, you should still be mentally prepared, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge before entering the negotiation process and handling the consequences.