The World tarot card meaning in love


Nội dung chính [Hiện]

If you are a follower of Tarot cards, you must have known The World card. It is often known as the end of the journey, more than understanding one will feel the freedom and happiness, boundless happiness. Below, let's join the Zodiac Cat to decipher the word AZ about The World card in love right away.

The World card brings to the end, the end point of a cycle ie the completion of a certain thing or event. Every ending is a new beginning, so The World is also a card of regeneration. This is a card with the number 21 in the Major Arcana so that we can perceive it as a sign of fulfillment, achievement and satisfaction. 
When that is also the time when all our efforts and efforts in a series of journeys will be rewarded. Rarely does The World represent an individual, it often points to someone's place in your life. Not only that, The World also implies the release and freedom that represents the experiences in the whole process we go through.
The World represents the element Earth, symbolizing time, Saturn - the ruler of the planet. In Tarot we often see this card associated with the Wheel of Fortune. When the card shows a continuous evolution, it represents the 4 zodiac signs: Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio. 

2. The symbol of the card The World in love

The World card is a symbol of dedication, active service. The following are some simple analyzes of the meanings of the symbols when referring to  The World card in love .
  • Wreath: a symbol of joy when a wreath is made into a laurel wreath, which is a reward for the winner.
  • Bisexuality: here hermaphroditism will be an expression of unity and the synthesis of many different aspects of the universe into one.
  • 4 creatures: 4 elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth corresponding to 4 zodiac signs are Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio.
  • Steel wand: shows strength, will to control and great energy of effort.
  • Infinity sign: infinite possibilities.
  • Dancing: expressing joy, joy creates a lot of positive energy.

3. Decipher the meaning of The World card in love

The meaning of The World card in love is the same as its name The World meaning that you have felt a love as you desire. Moreover, this love has appeared right next to you, no need to look far. It closely resembles the Wheel of Fortune, but what The World shows is immediate clarity, no surprise. 
Therefore, it is considered a card that brings great happiness when in a relationship with your other half. Your love is in its best, ripest stage and you are completely happy and content with it. Therefore, it is not difficult to realize that the keyword that The World wants to aim for is "closerness". 
More deeply, if we place The World card to talk about a specific emotional situation, we can see a commitment and bond between the two parties. Above all, this bond is completely voluntary from your other half. Besides, this card also indicates a silence in the relationship from which is a new beginning, all misunderstandings have been resolved. 
However, sometimes we cannot equate that The World fully represents a complete love. In fact, in some cases, when considering, we need to combine The World with other cards in a hand to get a more objective answer.