The roses meaning helps you conquer girlfriend on Valentine's Day


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Roses have long been a symbol of love. The following article will help you better understand the meaning of this flower so that you can conquer her heart on the upcoming Valentine's Day!

1. Why roses become a meaningful gift on Valentine's Day?

Origin of the rose:

Roses originate from Persia and are the type to symbolize eternal love, noble and deep affection.

The story of the rose tells that the "Goddess of Love" was born with a white rose. When her husband died, she was so sad that she let the thorns of the rose pierce her hands, and blood fell on those roses.

Since then the roses have become red because of the blood of the goddess. I don't know since when rose became a symbol of love, bright red roses say "Love is sweet forever".

Rose Meaning:

Roses become a symbol of love, in which, red roses are still understood by people as the message "I love you" (I love you). 

Since then, every Valentine's Day on February 14, roses have become a very special and meaningful gift that many people love.

Roses for girlfriends on Valentine's Day symbolize love, but each color has its own meaning. So you need to understand the meaning of each flower color, so that when you give someone or someone gives you, it will be the right feeling that you want to express.

2. What does the color of the rose represent?


Red roses are a symbol of romance in love, intense passion. This color represents the deep affection you have for that person. 

To express and confess love to the other party, this is a meaningful valentine gift.


Pink roses represent a gentle and gentle love, and also contain a promise of love. This flower color will be extremely suitable for giving and scoring extremely strong points with gentle girls.


The meaning of this flower color is still quite controversial. Some people believe that a yellow rose means unfaithfulness. Meanwhile, for others, yellow roses symbolize that the giver loves you but doesn't know if they can be loved back or not?

In general, the meaning of this flower color does not seem appropriate to give on Valentine's Day.


White roses are considered a witness to virginal, noble and noble love. This flower also means "silent love".

This flower is suitable for those who are alone to express their love to their beloved.

Lavander flower color

Lavender rose symbolizes love lightning, love budding at first sight. This soft and romantic flower also creates a more romantic atmosphere on Valentine's Day.

White border color

White-rimmed roses with cute colors also bring a sense of nobility. It is a secret, deep love, ready to make sacrifices for the one you love.

This flower can speak to your heart on the upcoming special Valentine's Day.

In addition, the type of rose is also quite variable, which is a billion-pilled rose. This flower is not a symbol of love.  When you are given gifts by others, you need to understand that: You are a good brother.

3. Valentine's Day Roses Meaning

Usually when giving flowers or receiving flowers from someone, if you pay attention, the bouquets will have a certain number. The number of flowers has its meaning!

The number of roses has the following meanings:

  • 1 flower: The heart has only you
  • 3 flowers: I love you
  • 3 flowers: Love you from the bottom of my heart
  • 7 flowers: Love secretly
  • 9 flowers: I love you forever
  • 10 flowers: Our love is perfect
  • 11 flowers: I love only you
  • 15 flowers: I'm sorry for you
  • 20 flowers: I love you with all my heart
  • 21 flowers: A true love
  • 999 flowers: Love you forever
  • 1001 flowers: Together for life