Interesting things about Halloween that you didn't know


Nội dung chính [Hiện]

On Halloween, there are many rich activities that express the unique spirit of this great holiday, but there are many interesting facts about it that we have not had the opportunity to discover.

Halloween is one of the festivals with the longest history and increasingly attracts more and more people to participate with the strange customs of this holiday.

Pumpkin symbol on Halloween 

Once upon a time, there was a man named "Stingy Jack". He was the one who made both Gods and Demons angry. Therefore, after he died, Jack was rejected by both heaven and hell and forever wandered in the human realm.
Every night, he carried a hollow turnip with a candle inside to guide the way and search for the souls of the living. The old Irish warded him off by carving pumpkins and hanging them on the front door. Just like that, a custom was born.

Did you know, pumpkin soup is also one of the Halloween dishes that do not "touch" in other countries.

The radish is really the symbol of Halloween

At first, people used radish as a symbol of Halloween, they cut out the devil's face, put a lamp inside with the meaning of helping to light the way for the spirits. When this festival came to America, turnips were switched to pumpkins because pumpkins are larger, easier to carve, and abundant in America. It is from here that the pumpkin has become a symbol associated with one of the world's largest winter festivals, Halloween.
What do you know about the origin and meaning of Halloween ? Halloween has a long history and is one of the oldest festivals in the world.
This holiday has been celebrated for about 6000 years and it is believed to have originated around 4000 BC in Ireland.

Wrong spelling

Halloween means All Saints' Night or All Souls' Night, the festival takes place on the eve of November 1 every year.

The correct spelling of Halloween should actually be Hallowe'en.

The name Halloween itself is of Christian origin, and stands for All Hallows Eve. In the Old English sense, Hallow meant to honor both named and unnamed souls.

Halloween's similarities with Asia's "soul day"

Halloween in the US is aimed at autumn, sad rain and cold wind, coinciding with the "soul day" in our national tradition, also in the gloomy rain.
In a human sense, Halloween and the full moon of the seventh lunar month in Vietnam can be considered as the day when the two realms of Yin and Yang meet in immense sympathy.. This reunion has partly expressed the philosophy. "Yin, yang, and martyrdom" is the meeting place of human souls, east and west.
"Halloween," "All Soul's Day," "Adoration of the Soul" are all occasions for people to remember and cherish the unfortunate lives in the dark and in the real life around...

Apple-snatching game

Apple bobbing is a popular game on Halloween. The apples are placed in a large pot of water or hung on a string and the player will use their teeth to grab an apple. There are also many games that are modified accordingly, typically the game "eating cupcakes". Cakes covered with molasses or syrup hang from trees and players must use their mouths to bite them without using their hands.

The young men who reach the age of millet try to find ways to get the apple and whoever can do it will be the one to get married soon. There are also many interesting folk legends such as whoever peels a Pomona apple in front of a mirror next to a burning candle will see an image of his future wife (husband) in the mirror, or tries to keep the apple peel. the longer your life is extended…

The origin of this game is that in the first centuries AD, the ancient Italians used this last day of October to commemorate the goddess Pomona, their goddess of fruit. The symbol of the goddess Pomona is the apple.
The apple tree has long been associated with the goddess of immortality and wisdom. If you cut an apple horizontally, it will reveal a 5-pointed star, symbolizing the goddess in ancient European beliefs.

Purpose of spooky masquerade

Europeans believe that the bizarre costumes on Halloween are not of Celtic origin but of Europeans themselves. In the 9th century, on November 2 every year and also a day for all souls, parishioners often dressed like beggars and went from village to village to ask for symbolic crumbs. food to nourish the soul. 

These people believe that the more pieces of bread they ask for, the more prayers they will receive for the souls of their loved ones. The parishioners believe that these prayers will help the souls of their loved ones who are still stuck somewhere to go to heaven.

The Celts believed that the night of October 31 was the time when the line between the world and the underworld became the thinnest. Therefore, the makeup will help festival-goers on the road to avoid real ghosts.

The Witch and the Broom

We have long heard about the mystical wizarding world . According to legend, the black cat is the witch's trusted subordinate, so those who choose the witch character to dress up for Halloween night must bring an ebony cat.
The truth about the origin of broomsticks associated with witches is that a poor old woman often using a cane was accused of being a witch, gradually the image of the tree was transformed into a flying broom.

It is said that if you dress inside out and walk backwards on Halloween night. According to legend, this ensures you will see a witch at midnight.

Fortune telling of the future wife/husband

In Scotland, single people are extremely interested in divination to find their future spouse on Halloween. On this day, one would peel an apple into a long strip, then toss the peel over the shoulder. When the apple peel falls to the ground, it will take the shape of the first letter of the future spouse's name.


Besides black cats, owls are a popular image in Halloween. In the Middle Ages in Europe, owls were associated with ghosts and witches. Every time the owl cried, it was an omen that someone was about to die. 

The custom of burning fire on Halloween

During the old Halloween festival, people used to light a bonfire and play and dance around. They do so because they want the Sun to shine again after the long cold winter is over and for good luck.

Spider image on Halloween

Don't panic if you see a spider on Halloween: It is said to be the spirit of a deceased loved one watching over you.