The placement of the lime pot must be like this to wish for an exorcism, wealth, and longevity


Nội dung chính [Hiện]

We should pay attention to the position of the lime pot because if it is wrong, it can cause money loss, adversely affecting health.
Discovering the Lime Pot , we appreciate the cultural values ​​of Vietnamese people even more. Not only that, today, the custom of eating betel nut is also gradually disappearing, but many people still collect the lime vase as a precious feng shui item.

Especially those who have been hunters for a long time, they also do not forget to find out where there is a need to sell lime pots. Wherever someone says to sell precious lime vases, even if they are far away, they can still come and see for themselves

The location of the feng shui standard lime vase

Choose to buy a lime vase

In Vietnamese feng shui, the lime vase is considered a sacred object, so choosing a place to place the lime vase according to feng shui standards to promote its power is also very important. 

First, we have to find and buy a lime vase, usually lime pots are made with many different materials, but we should prioritize buying ceramic materials because this is a common material used by our ancestors in the past. Moreover, porcelain meets the standards of 3 out of 5 feng shui elements: Thuy (Using water to knead) - Fire (fired in a furnace) - Tho (Kaolin clay).

If possible, it is better to know how to choose and buy a beautiful lime vase with a long age. According to collectors, the older the more expensive, the more profitable buying and selling these types.

Placement of lime vase

After choosing the lime pot, you must find a suitable location. Many people who like to play feng shui believe that choosing the right location will bring a lot of luck and peace to the owner as well as the best protection for family members.

+ In the living room: You can put it in the living room to use as a normal betel nut container, if your family has grandparents who regularly eat betel nut. 

In the bedroom: Because this is also considered a feng shui item, it can be placed in the bedroom.

You should put the vase in the cabinet in the Earth corner of the bedroom, ie the southwest direction. If the direction of the house is not beautiful, you can choose a location to place the lime vase in the northeast corner.

Note, the location of the lime vase should not be facing the main door because this symbolizes the loss of money and property.

The meaning of the lime vase in feng shui

In general, the lime pot has a round body shape, a firm handle and a small hole in the body for betel nut eaters to take out the lime. It can be seen that the way he made the lime vase was quite elaborate, from the design and shape to the carefully invested.

Products have many designs, colors and sizes, meeting all the needs of Vietnamese consumers. The motifs are often created in designs and details with betel and areca motifs, gentleman bamboo motifs, apricot flower motifs, or special lime pots embossed with dragon motifs.

Knowledgeable people just need to look at the lime pot to know the user's rank:

+ The type made of blue-and-white ceramics, with elaborate textures and patterns is for wealthy families

+ The type made of crockery is for common people

+ The type of blue and white enamel, called bowl, originates from China, mainly of mandarin families.
This item is not only used to serve the Southeast Asian custom of eating betel, but in feng shui it has many great meanings.
Moreover, whether he can promote the use of feng shui much or not also needs to be based on the way of molding, firing and making from artisans.

In feng shui, the position of the lime vase placed correctly in feng shui is considered as a magical treasure to exorcise evil spirits, ward off evil spirits, bring good fortune, create prosperity: 

- The lime vase is a symbol of a thousand years of longevity. bestow health, good luck to the owner. If placing the lime vase in a place that receives light and solemnity, it will mean praying for good luck, health and longevity for the elderly in the family.  

- When placing the lime vase in places with light, easy to observe in the living room or in the lobby, depending on the size and color of the place of decoration and the choice of the lime vase, placing the lime vase in the direction of the property. The fortune of the owner of the house is also a way to activate the feng shui values ​​of Mr.

- In order to avoid the devil's harassment, drive away evil spirits, or purify, the lime pot will be placed in the corner of the Five Demons in the house.

- When placing a lime vase at the door, the homeowner wishes to receive fortune, luck, and good fortune for a year of smooth sailing and success.

- To manage expenses reasonably, avoid wasting wealth, should put a lime jar on the roof of the home's safe.