Should I read tarot cards to predict the future?


Nội dung chính [Hiện]

Many times we are confused with what we are facing in the present, we see fortune telling as a way to relieve stress and hope for a better future.

Currently, many young people pay special attention to Tarot reading, while many people still wonder about its accuracy. The biggest difference between Tarot and other forms of fortune-telling lies in its visual language.

The meaning of the cards lies in the mind of the interpreter rather than in the card itself. Therefore, the spirit of Tarot reading depends entirely on who is reading the cards for you, for example, their knowledge and understanding. If they know little, it means they can't say much about the images that emerge from the way the cards combine.

Tarot reading opens the door to the future

The images on the cards not only help to remember the meaning of each card. By understanding and feeling the images on the cards, the fortune-teller has a deeper and clearer view of them.

The images act as a mirror reflecting the knowledge that lies deep within the subconscious and the answers emerge from the mysterious land of dreams, imagination and intuition, and the Tarot can act as a bridge between intuition and intuition. perception of consciousness when we carefully interpret it.
When the cards are drawn, it reflects your current situation, what you have done in the past now has the same result, if you continue the past habit, what will be the result . Therefore, what the card reflects is not necessarily going to happen in the future, it is simply an open door to the future if you choose to do it as before. Everything changes, nothing stays the same. Life changes when we change. 

Therefore, whether the predictions made in the Tarot cards come true or not depends entirely on you. No matter how the cards show a bright outcome, if you don't act but just sit and wait, nothing can happen. On the contrary, although the spread outlines an unsatisfactory future, meaning it reminds you to change bad habits step by step, the future is really in your hands. 
Moreover, do not read too many cards, the different results will surely confuse you because in fact with any event, there are many solutions, if you do not choose a path for I am confused with many options that will make you easily lost.

In addition, those who are new to Tarot reading often have a tendency to impose their way of thinking and what they know too much on their judgment, especially when they tell people close to them about events they know well.

When reading Tarot about those events, they already have in mind the outcome they think will happen. When placing the cards, the fortune-teller is easily influenced by these pre-existing biases and directs his judgment on the outcome he believes. Prejudice in judgment is also something you need to avoid. 

Tarot reading only gives you advice 

The Vietnamese mentality in particular and Asian people in general always want to know the future, especially those who are emotionally defeated, confused, and have lost faith in the world around them, so they want to find spiritual support by reading cards. . This is a way to solve the psychological problem of whether your future will be better.  

The fact that Tarot readings today are used primarily as a tool for advice and problem-solving rather than predicting the future has nothing to do with this view.

Tarot can still make predictions in the near future with high accuracy, but it should be understood that Tarot is not absolute and imposed, but on the contrary encourages users to have their own opinions based on on the information that Tarot supports. 
Feelings of ambiguity, things are not clear easily encountered during Tarot reading, this is necessary so that the person being fortune-telling can make his own decisions in how to handle things: develop it to achieve more better results or change it to avoid unwanted results. Tarot should be seen as a guide, an actionable advice rather than a must-have path or a constant destination for the journey.

The magic of life is always rooted in reality. Life cannot depend on the cards to be dominated by it. Therefore, young people need to understand, respect and use Tarot appropriately.

As such, understand the messages you receive from the Tarot as advice or directions to solve problems, so that you can consider either completely following the Tarot's suggestions, or making adjustments yourself. decisions that best suit the situation.

On the contrary, you can also ignore those messages to completely walk on the path that your mind has believed and chosen, instead of treating them as absolute judgments for the future. 

The future will change depending on what people do, and your future is entirely up to you to decide and take responsibility for, and no spiritual force can do it for you. In a sense, Tarot cards are also a tool for advice, listening and understanding.
Finally, remember that the power of the Tarot lies in the faith we place in it. If you don't believe in Tarot, Tarot can't do you any good. Like other forms of fortune-telling, a superficial, half-hearted attitude will lead to nothing but meaningless juxtaposition of dead images.

Likewise, if the fortune-teller approaches the Tarot with doubts, the advice that Tarot gives them is just a moment of pure entertainment. They do not step on the path determined by the Tarot, and of course the results that the Tarot gives will become limited or possibly misleading.