Mercy Star - The meaning of life place and Other place


Nội dung chính [Hiện]

Mercy Star (Smart Star) is one of the 114 Major Star in Horoscope, so when interpreting horoscopes, it is impossible not to mention this set. The Mercy Star is also not mentioned much by the ancients, the content of this article is partly based on my teacher's books and experience in interpreting horoscopes.

  • Five Elements: Wood (Yin Wood)
  • Belongs to: Constellation Nam Jealousy Staru Tinh
  • Lock when: Good spirit, good character
  • Trait: virtue and longevity
  • Ruler: Brotherhood Palace
  • Common abbreviations: Mechanical 

How to find the Mercy star: Mercy belongs to the male constellation and belongs to the constellation Horoscope, Mercy is always behind the star horoscope and is placed in a counterclockwise direction.

In terms of gas chemistry, Mercy has an air lock of Thien Tinh, Thien Tu in which Thien is Good and honest, and Tu is a star in the sky, Tu also means Thanh Tu, Tu is beautiful, So Mercy can roughly be understood as a set of beautiful, honest, and delicate stars, it can be said that a person with a star is like a scholar, elegant, with a lot of things in his head. knowledge.

The position of the bows

  • Temples: At Dragon, Dog, Cat, Rooster.
  • Prosperity: At the Snake, the Body.
  • Location: in Snake, Horse, Ox, Goat.
  • Horror: in the Tiger, Pig.

The Mercy star in the life place meaning

Meaning of form: Mercy when in Jealousy Starc, Mieu, and Vuong bodies is a person with a slender body, exposed bones, white skin, full face, fat body, round body, bright eyes, tall figure.

When in the state of the Temple of Earth, ordinary people have the characteristic of having thin hair and round body.

For Men, they are fat and plump, For women, they are tall and slightly bony.

Mercy has fallen to the ground, her body is full, slightly short, white skin, round face.

Meaning of Personality: When in the form of Jealousy Starc Mieu Vuong, the Master of Heaven is vivacious, agile, charitable, peaceful, multi-skillful, and has tactics and tactics in everything he does. Showing excellent communication, improvisation, and diplomacy skills. Mercy is a master star about consulting, good at calculating, planning, and likes to talk about things. This is why Mercy is always safe after Horoscope.

Mercy gas is Thien Tinh, so it is very good, sociable, and calm. If there are many sand crystals attached, it is very gentle and fun. If you go with many Thien Tinh, you are very good, can leave a lasting fragrance.

Whether Mercy wins or loses, they still have business intelligence, intelligence and still have many good qualities in people. 

Prosperity, Fortune, Fortune

The prime location of Mercy is to enjoy wealth and live a long life, especially when converging with many sand crystals. Especially in the Dragon and the Dog, the research ability is very high, especially in the fields of politics, strategy, and good advice. In the Rooster, in the same palace with Gloomy Star, that person has the talent to advise and concurrently handle both literature and martial arts. Talent and wealth are very prominent. Particularly for women, they are brave, skillful, benefit their husbands and children, enjoy wealth and full life.

If Mercy is stuck in the ground, it will be difficult, wandering, doing handicrafts. Particularly for women, it is hard, late to the family religion, or facing adversity from husband and children, suffering because of love. If you encounter a killing star like Annoyance Star, Judgment Star, then disaster and illness will be very serious and will definitely not live.

Another meaning: People who have a destiny star when born are often wrapped in vegetables around their neck, because Mercy symbolizes the head, showing that they are intelligent and extremely intelligent.

Types of Mercy Stars

Mercy and Blessing Star in Dragon Dog

When Mercy went with Blessing Star in the Dragon Palace, Dog Place immediately became the Temple of Earth, at this time all the good qualities of Mercy were revealed. In this form, it is a combination of two sets of stars Thien Tinh, Am Tinh, the master of calculation, strategy, kindness, and gentleness. This type of method is very suitable for research, foreign language research, spiritual research, science... they study very meticulously, diligently and have a passion. In some cases, the Ministry of

Mercy and Blessing Star in Dragon Dog

Association Supportive Star, Intellectual Star is very easy to be a Buddhist monk, at least a person who is very single-minded and has faith in worship. Especially in the way this department is very long-lived.

Gloomy Star, Mercy Star in Cat, Rooster:

The Rooster Rooster is the Way "We Are Tide East" but in this department it is very necessary to have a new beautiful Song Hao set. Gloomy Star master of wisdom, eloquence, very observant and sharp when combined with Mercy, is the master star of quick mind and ingenuity. When there are more Song Hao, they are rich and full of wealth, able to advise, consult and map out strategies in a meticulous and detailed manner. When adding Song Hao, he is a talented businessman. Very suitable for working in the field of finance, banking, very successful business, stable career.

Gloomy Star, Moon Star at Tiger, Monkey

This is a form of pleasure, men are as soft as women, very attentive to listen and understand, Women are talented and skillful. However, in this way the department is not very beautiful because Moon Star is in a lost state, the owner is playful, has a diplomatic talent. Also very know how to do business, communicate well, calculate but the success is not great. In Destiny women are more beautiful. I have experienced this set of Coyin in men's par, but if there are many killing stars, it is very easy for men to double, especially the combination of fate hugging Tang Tu Dieu .

1. Supporting Style: this is the most beautiful way

2. Cu Dong Mechanical Set

3. Ministry of Mechanical Engineering

4. Acoustic Mechanism

5. Giants Set

How the Evil Department of Celestial Star

Mercy carries the five elements of Wood, is a very sensitive set of stars, it can be said that the resistance is quite weak, so when accompanied by other stars, it will affect a lot. In which, it can be said that it loses all its good value if the Heavenly Plan meets the Miscellaneous Stars, Mars, Torture Star, Jealousy Star, Earth Space, and Earth Tribulation. The beauty of Sao Mercy can be said to be the most beautiful, but when combined with Luc Sac Tinh, the goodness and good love will gradually disappear and make people bad.

Mercy, killing stars in the same palace: Robbery, dishonesty.

Mercy, Blessing Star in Thin Dog met Tuan Tri or killed the star: Encountered many hardships and great obstacles on the way of life, had a will and a number of monks. If you meet Torture Star, Jealousy Star, Siren Star, and Fiery Star in a meeting and have a general around, you are a monk or a martial artist.

The meaning Mercy Star in other Place

The meaning Mercy Star in Parent Palace

Single player in the Snake, Horse, Goat: Parents are well off.

Single player in Pig, Rat, Ox: Normal parents. Parents and children are not compatible. There are adoptive parents, or pairing parents.

Mercy and Moon Star are in the same palace at Self: Well-off parents.

Mercy, Moon Star in the same palace in Jealousy Starn: Parents are well off, but soon there is a separation from their parents.

Mercy, Blessing Star in the same palace: Parents are rich and live a long life.

Mercy, Gloomy Star in the same palace: Parents are distant, lack of harmony.

The Meaning of God's Plan in Happiness Palace

In Pig, Ty, Ox: Bac Phuc, relatives are separated.

In the Snake, Horse, Goat: Blessed, well-off relatives.

Gloomy Star, Blessing Star in the same palace or Mercy and Moon in Self: enjoy happiness, long life, well-off relatives.

In the Tiger: do not enjoy abunJealousy Starnt blessings, so life is not worthy of satisfaction. Relatives are normal, the woman often has problems with her husband and children.

The meaning Mercy Star in Property Palace

Mercy, Blessing Star in the same palace, Gloomy Star, Moon in Than or Gloomy Star.

Mercy in Mao: There are many houses and land.

In the Pig Pig Suu Jealousy Starn: Ordinary houses and land.

At Rat House Goat: Build houses and land yourself.

Mercy, Gloomy Star in the Rooster: Bankruptcy or leaving the ancestral home, little land.

The Meaning Mercy Star in Career Palace

Because Mercy masters ingenuity, skillful hands and feet, has ingenuity, portability, plus extensive learning wisdom, so Mercy in Quan is often very beneficial.

Mercy single-handedly at the Snake, Horse, Goat: Wealth. But not gloriously brilliant. Should specialize in technology and machinery.

Mercy in the Pig, Rat, and Ox: late fame, struggling. Should specialize in business or technology.

Mercy, Blessing Star in the same palace: the current public reputation. Whatever you do, be careful, or think far and near. Likes to discuss politics and the military. Talented in politics, military, consulting, teaching, crafts, business, industry, mechanics. This is the most versatile set of stars.

Mercy, Gloomy Star in the same palace: Enjoying sustainable wealth. Has a lot of ingenuity and is very fond of machines.

Mercy and Moon Star are in Jealousy Starn, so they specialize in medicine or peJealousy Stargogy. Trade also flourished. But it was late and met with many obstacles.

Mercy and Moon Star are in Than, so they specialize in medicine or peJealousy Stargogy. Trade also flourished.

Mercy, Rieu, General: Being a doctor is very cool.

The Meaning Mercy Star in Friend Palace

Mercy, Blessing Star, Left-Deputy, Right Deputy: Have good servants, friends, help you, have merit with you.

The Meaning Mercy Star in Travel Palace

In the Snake, Horse, Goat or Mercy Blessing, or Mercy Moon, in Monkey, there are many good luck in business far away, supported by noble people, among them are noble people (Blessing) or their own wives (Nguyen). help me a lot.

Mercy, Gloomy Star: They are also rich, but they are scanJealousy Starlized, they speak badly for money.

In Pig, Rat, Ox: Disadvantage of being away from home.

Mercy, Left-Deputy, Right Deputy: Get help.

The Meaning Mercy Star in Health Palace

Mercy star symbolizes skin diseases, rheumatism, lower limbs, weak tendons in limbs, skin with birthmarks, blemishes, scars, prone to car accidents, or having road accidents, trouble sleeping. , or lying down with a mind that has to think, is prone to Jealousy Starmage to health, nervous system, respiratory system, liver, bile.

Gloomy Star, Mercy in the same palace: Spiritual illness, blood and qi.

Mercy, Blessing Star in the same palace: Illness in the lower part.

Mercy, Moon Star: There are many pimples.

Mercy, Torture Star or Jealousy Star: The limbs have weak tendons.

Mercy, Weep, Worries: Leprosy, coughing up blood.

Mercy, Judgment Star, Khong Kiep: Illnesses and unexpected accidents.

Mercy, Tuan, Triet: Trees hit limbs, injured.

The Meaning Mercy Star in Wealth Palace

Mercy, Gloomy Star or Mercy, Blessing or Mercy in Ngo Goat: Fortune, easy to earn and earn a lot of money. As for Gloomy Star, the competition is tougher.

In other signs: Working hard, erratic. Only with the same palace with Moon Star in Monkey, can self-reliance establish a well-off business. If you have Loc Ma, you are rich.

The Meaning Mercy Star in Children Palace

Mercy, Blessing or Moon Duc have 3 to 5 children. If Mercy is alone, there will be few children.

Gloomy Star, Mercy (or Mercy Moon in Jealousy Starn Monkey): Has a foreign cell.

Normally, the constellation Supporting Style in the zodiac sign is an indicator of an alien, although not a complete set.

The Meaning Mercy Star in Marriage Palace

In the Snake, Horse, Goat: Get married soon, the husband and wife get married at a young age, or the spouse is much younger than themselves.

In the Pig, the Rat, and the Ox: The husband and wife are quintessential, often slow to raise their family.

Mercy, Blessing Star in the same palace: Married to an honest family, husband and wife get along well, often know each other or are related. Prosperous family.

Mercy, Gloomy Star in the same palace: A talented couple with a title. But because of the influence of Gloomy Star, the two often disagree, often having to get married twice.

Mercy, Moon Star in Jealousy Starn, Monkey: Good family religion. But boys are afraid of wives in the case of Moon Star in Monkey.

Mercy, Blessing Star, Left-Deputy, Right Deputy: Girls pick their husbands, boys pick their wives. Both are very jealous.

The Meaning Mercy Star in Sibling Palace

Gloomy Star, Mercy are in the same palace: They have heterosexual brothers and sisters, often from the same mother and different father.

Single-handed Mercy: Few brothers and sisters.

The Mercy Star enters the term

Mercy, Merchant: Sickness, accident, fighting.

Mercy, Mourning Weep: Mourning and illness.

Mercy Blessing Mourning Opponent: fell high and hurt.

Mercy, Cruel Fire: There is a lack of harmony in the house.

Mercy, Cavalry Fire Picture Merchant: Mourning, illness, and word of mouth.