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Do you know the meaning of numbers in Numerology? What does each number represent in you? Stay tuned in the next post.

Pythagoras numerology suggested that each digit would have its own vibration. But all things in this world have certain vibrational frequencies, corresponding to the vibration of numbers. 

So people and numbers are also related. Specifically, each person is born with a full name, date of birth, if you want to know personality characteristics, emotional meanings, examine someone's life, just study the vibration of numbers. included in the name and date of birth. Together with the, learn the full meaning of numbers in Numerology to actively grasp life's fortunes!

1. How to calculate numbers in Numerology 

1.1 Calculation by date of birth

- Key number (also known as life path index): It is an index describing an overview of each person's personality, strengths, weaknesses, and appropriate development direction. This is an extremely important indicator in Numerology that gives an overview of each person's life.

Calculation method :

  • Step 1:Know the exact date, month and year of birth.
  • Step 2:Add all the numbers in the day, month, and year together until the result is a single digit number. That is your key number.
  • Step 3:Compare this horoscope with their meanings, you will better understand yourself and the times. 

For example, if you were born on January 24, 1990, take: 2 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 26 => 2 + 6 = 8. So the dominant number is 8.  

- Attitude index: Is an index that describes your attitude towards life, is what makes others first impression of you.

Calculation: Sum all the digits in the date and month of birth.

For example, if you were born on January 24, your attitude index is 2 + 4 + 1 = 7.

1.2 Calculation by name

Numerology by name is the calculation formed based on the digits converted from the letters in each person's name.  

First, let's look at the table of the Pythagorean number conversion system:










































  • Vowels include: A, E, O, U, Y, I
  • Consonants are the remaining letters.
  • The letter "Y" is considered a vowel when the letter preceding and following is a consonant.
  • The letter "Y" is considered a consonant when the letter preceding or following is a vowel.

How to calculate indexes by name: 

- Soul index:  Is a number representing your inner self, showing your personality, advantages and disadvantages available within you. This indicator will guide you to find a place of inner peace.

Calculation : Sum the arithmetic value of the vowels in the name.

- Personality Index:  Also known as expressive number, is a number that describes how you appear to the outside and vice versa is what the world sees in you. This is a core indicator that helps you discover your innermost desires. 
Calculation : Sum of arithmetic values ​​of consonants.

Mission Index:  This number helps us to know what we want and need to achieve in this life. 
Calculation : Sum of the arithmetic value of all the letters in the name.

2. Meaning of Numbers in Numerology

2.1 Numerology Number 1

The number 1 in Numerology relates to one's personal ego. If a person wants to be isolated from the world, then he or she must have outstanding personality sides, clearly and unifying in the individual ego.

  • Strengths:Independence, self-control, innovation, creativity, clear goals.
  • Weaknesses:Domineering, prone to mistakes, cynical.
  • Soul Index:Inside you is an energetic person with a strong fighting spirit. You always want to win or be recognized for your ability. You carry the energy of a leader, so be confident, train yourself by setting daily goals and do your best to conquer.  
  • Personality index:You have personality, like to be independent, ready to pioneer and always move forward, so you easily make a deep impression on people around you. For you, the goal is the most important, so you try your best to achieve the goal. Your achievements make people admire. 
  • Life Path Index:From a very young age, people with Horoscope 1 have identified their goals. You easily become the leading birds, pioneers in new fields, quick to take advantage of opportunities and be the first to reap the fruits. 
  • Attitude quotient:You see your life as a constant race forward, because you want to be the winner. You are a self-respecting person, always trying to do things the best you can and don't like others to bring you down.
  • Mission Stats:Your mission is to be an independent, free man, or to be the top, winner in every race.

Read more about the meaning of this number:  Numerology Number 1 - The number of strong and decisive leaders

2.2 Numerology Number 2 

This number is always towards the goal of bringing peace and balance between relationships or between different situations. It is also very sensitive and has the most intuitive intuition among numbers. 

  • Strengths:Tolerance, reconciliation, intuitive sensitivity, ability to connect.
  • Weaknesses:Hesitation, indecisive, soft, vulnerable.
  • Soul Stat:You are someone who enjoys stability in all your relationships. You are afraid that conflict will lead to a breakup, so you tend to bring people together. You always want to receive a lot of love from others, even you are willing to give first to receive later.
  • Personality:You are usually very gentle in your communication, giving others a sense of security when around. In order for things to go smoothly, you are willing to put your personal ego behind. You are the solid support for everyone around you.
  • Life Path Index:You thrive when you become part of a team, you will do everything in your power to help the team develop harmoniously and strongly. However, your desire to build peace can cause you to miss your potential.
  • Attitude Indicator:Strong intuition makes you quickly face problems and solve them before things get out of balance. In relationships, your ability to sense other people's thoughts and feelings makes you an understanding person, a fulcrum for everyone.
  • Mission index:The noble mission of the person carrying the number 2 is to connect people, build unity in the collective. You do not like to see a certain relationship break down, so where there is a dispute, there will be you there to reconcile and mend.

For details on the meaning of this number 2, see:  Numerology Number 2 - The number of balance and harmony

2.3 Numerology Number 3

In terms of the meaning of numbers in Numerology, the number 3 is considered a number with the ability to change extremely flexible. It has always had an incredible zest for life, a willingness to try new things, never miss an opportunity to have fun, to bond with others.

  • Strengths:Good at communication, attractive, artist.
  • Weaknesses:Naive, inattentive, shallow.
  • Soul index:Number 3 always feels happy and cheerful when interacting with friends, relatives, and colleagues. For you, helping others, bringing laughter, solutions, and joy to others is the biggest desire inside.
  • Personality index:You will often present yourself as an attractive, charming, charismatic person in social situations. However, on the negative side, you can gossip about other people. Because you are an extrovert, you will take great care of your appearance. 
  • Life Path Index:You tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses, ready to try new things. You like to live in a dynamic society where you can socialize and interact with people regularly. While you're good at getting people's attention, forming truly deep relationships can be difficult.
  • Attitude index:You work with a lot of creativity, with many unique and unexpected solutions. However, you often follow inspiration. When inspired, you can work with great efficiency, even forgetting to take a break, but if you lose inspiration, you don't want to start working at all.
  • Mission Indicator:Your mission is to be an inspiration to others, for example to come up with ideas and solutions; encouraging, telling stories to help others overcome a negative state; Preaching helps people find the light, the way out.

Learn more about this number 3 in the article:  Numerology Number 3 - The number of creativity and enthusiasm for life

2.4 Numerology Number 4  

Numerology Number 4 - The number of stability and profound knowledge. The number 4 has a strict definition of right and wrong, it leads with the head, not with the heart, it uses this mental strength to build life.

  • Strengths:Practical, loyal, logical.
  • Weaknesses:Conservative, easily stressed.
  • Soul index:You love to study things carefully, in all aspects to be able to make the most accurate judgment and judgment. You often get the trust of people around you because of your sure personality and planned working style.
  • Personality index:You always have a sense of duty and responsibility and always try to follow through on what is assigned and committed, so your work results are usually stable. You are also a practical person when you always think of practical use values, not just theory or vague ideas.
  • Life Path Indicator:You are always very clear about your direction and walk steadily on the chosen path. You don't care much about outside influences because you know that you have meticulously planned everything.
  • Attitude index:You are an honest and responsible person. Because of their foresight, this number often knows how to plan and organize work without anyone directing or supervising. In relationships, you are straightforward, sincere and value the truth.
  • Mission Index:The mission of Number 4 is to organize and create practical values ​​and legacies for life. It can be a work, a recipe, a construction or anything else useful.

2.5 Numerology Number 5

Numerology Number 5 - The number of breakthroughs, unbounded freedom. The owner of this number is very smart, quick-witted and multi-talented, sometimes making others unable to keep up. Its head is always full of unique and dynamic ideas, so it often finds new ways of doing things and solutions at work and in life.

  • Strengths:Curious, adaptable, lively, sociable.
  • Weaknesses:Lack of commitment, lack of direction, unreliable.
  • Soul Index:You don't like any ties and are very afraid of boredom and monotony. You are liberal, active, intelligent and sharp. You love exploring activities, travel, where you can unleash all your energy.
  • Personality:You have the ability to attract the attention of the crowd, always standing out thanks to your lively nature, intelligence and creativity. In particular, you can create innovative and influential inventions and solutions, but often those ideas just stay in your head.
  • Life Path Stats:The life of Number 5 is a long adventure. You are ready for anything and want to enjoy every experience the world has to offer. You can't stand the same thing over and over again, so you'll probably change your career many times over the course of your life.
  • Attitude quotient:You are risk-averse, unafraid of change. Therefore, you often find new ways to make work more interesting. You can transmit positive energy to everyone around you.
  • Mission Stats:Creative and changeable jobs are perfect for you. If you focus your powerful energies on this creativity, you will break through.

2.6 Numerology Number 6 

Numerology Number 6 - The number of tolerance and care. It can be said that the number 6 is the number of affection, tolerance, and compassion, especially in difficult circumstances. It is also very easy to be touched by noble acts. This number always values ​​friends, yearns for love.

  • Strengths:Helping, protective, romantic.
  • Weaknesses:Passive, sacrificial, subjective.
  • Soul index:Number 6 feels the soul is satisfied when performing acts of care, concern, and closeness to those he loves. When others respect, recognize and appreciate what you have done and the difficulties you have overcome, you will feel very happy.
  • Personality Index:You are very kind, responsible, caring and caring for others. Although you appear cold on the outside, you are a very generous person on the inside. However, it is easy to get carried away by your own concerns and become miserable and distressing for others.
  • Life Path Indicator:You treat everyone with respect and support, no matter what your partner's personality or circumstances. However, you also need to care more about yourself, not just sacrificing yourself for others. 
  • Attitude index:You are always attracted and attracted to others in a very natural way. You are kind, respectful, and full of love. At the same time, you are easily moved by beauty, by emotion, and by tragic circumstances. At work, you are also very creative and often tend to be neat.
  • Mission Stats:You were born with the mission of becoming a homemaker for your family and helping people around you. You really yearn and desire to have a family full of love.

2.7 Numerology Number 7 

Numerology Number 7 - The number of knowledge and spiritual mysteries. Therefore, Number 7 will experience a lot of ups and downs and difficulties in life, but with a good spirit and foresight, it will quickly find a way to solve the problem.

  • Strengths:Spirituality, eager to learn, good analysis.
  • Weaknesses:Closed, mysterious, suspicious.
  • Soul stat:You know a lot of knowledge and almost anything you can explain. You always want to go deep into the nature of the problem and find the reason for it. You will tend to teach others through philosophy because you want others to understand the problem and gain enlightenment.
  • Personality:You are a mysterious and confusing person. You can think of things far beyond others. You are also often quite alone. People will perceive you as serious, even a little cold.
  • Life Path Indicator:You are an introvert with a thirst for knowledge. You are a true thinker who lets your mind guide you. Right from birth, you have been able to skillfully combine the rational, thinking part of your brain with your sacred intuition to learn, process and perceive life.
  • Attitude index:You have many things inside, but you will not reveal it to anyone. You are often silent, maybe quiet or indifferent, but have deep questions. At work, you like to do things on your own and work on inspiration. In relationships, you are kind, rational, and insightful.
  • Mission Index:Your mission is to find yourself a philosophy, an ideology. The way for you to accomplish this mission is to see something behind each of your experiences, or those of others. You will find life much more meaningful if you can give knowledge to others.

2.8 Numerology Number 8

Referring to the meaning of numbers in Numerology, the number 8 is a sensitive number and measures life by the goals it achieves. It makes good business sense, is a powerful presence, and a driving force for success.

  • Strengths:Ambitious, grateful, persistent, persistent.
  • Weaknesses:Materialistic, dictatorial, blind.
  • Soul Stats: Number 8 puts financial safety first, and this puts pressure on you to make money. You are also a strong fighter. If you know how to use this energy properly, you can push yourself to overcome all difficulties.
  • Personality Index: In the eyes of others, you are a person with a lot of energy and responsibility. When doing something, you take a serious, clear and decisive attitude, so that the work often achieves good results. You have broad and executive abilities, especially in the business field.
  • Life Path Index:People with this Life Line direct all their energies towards creating a successful and abundant life. However, you need to pay attention to your health problems, avoid becoming stressed or sick because of overwork.
  • Attitude index:You are a person with a high sense of responsibility at work. You are serious, disciplined, and all-encompassing. Your outlook on life is a realistic, often beneficial view. In relationships, you can show a strict attitude and get into arguments.
  • Mission Index:Number 8 is a very good business person and often people who are easy to succeed in life, especially in business and trade. You will be the leader of businesses with an outstanding executive ability.

To understand this number in detail, see now:  Numerology Number 8 - The number of ambitions for power and materiality.

2.9 Numerology Number 9

Numerology Number 9 - The number of kindness and dedication. The owner of this number has a compassionate, kind heart and always tries to create the best. When it sees others in difficulty, it is ready to give the most necessary help, bringing confidence to everyone around.

  • Strengths:Reason, tolerance, help.
  • Weaknesses:Short-tempered, self-sacrificing, suffering.
  • Soul Index:You desire to be loved by others and are also willing to give your love to others. You are happy to be loved, devoted and served, helping others, but you may also have many problems in the past. 
  • Personality index:You show yourself as a very emotional, tolerant and caring person, even, you can accept losses to help people. You are also a person with a high sense of responsibility at work because of your serious and disciplined personality.
  • Life Path Index:With an open heart, you are ready to support those around you and lead people to success, but you are used to enduring challenges alone. You should find a way to change this personality of yours, otherwise, you will face a lot of difficulties in life.
  • Attitude index:Although warmth and compassion help you build good relationships, make you a respected and loved person in society, sometimes it makes you sacrifice Give so much to others that you forget about yourself. Number 9 can hardly come out of the past shocks, it haunts you, makes you feel tired and depressed.
  • Mission Indicator:Number 9's mission is to be an example for others to follow, leading people's thinking to a new level. People trust, follow and trust you, especially those who are facing difficulties and challenges.

2.10 Numerology Number 10  

Number 10 has the qualities of a leader. It is strong and willing to pioneer in new areas, accept challenges and risks to do new things that others dare not. 

  • Strengths:Adaptable quickly, forthright, honest, with a sense of responsibility.
  • Weaknesses:Short-tempered, egotistical, easily lost, not satisfied.
  • Soul quotient:You aspire to be a leader, take control, and lead people to success. With a creative mind, you often find the optimal way to do the job, then guide people around. Many times, Number 10 is seen by others as "bossy".
  • Personality index: No matter how difficult or difficult it is, you are not discouraged, that's why you often achieve quite admirable results. You have a great ambition in your heart and that is the driving force behind your growth.
  • Life Path Indicator:Your life line represents latent growth. In other words, your future will contain many unexpected good things. However, this number also represents independence and loneliness. Sometimes you have to face problems on your own without the support of those around you.
  • Attitude index:You are a very positive person and have a good attitude in everything. When you've been assigned or taken on a responsibility, you usually try to do your best. You also won't think about avoiding or passing the responsibility on to someone else.
  • Mission Indicator:You have the ability to come up with new ways of doing things. As a result, you will be a pioneer in the fields, and at the same time lead the team to overcome difficulties and challenges.

For a clear understanding of what this number means, see details:  Numerology Number 10 - The number of pioneering, creativity and responsibility.

2.11 Numerology Number 11

Numerology Number 11 - The Master number carries psychic and healing powers. The number 11 has a very special spiritual meaning, and at the same time represents the attainment of extremely high spiritual achievements. To be able to reach the master level of number 11, you have to go through a lot of spiritual evolution.

  • Strengths:Healing, creativity, spirituality.
  • Weaknesses:Impatient, sensitive, easily tempted.
  • Soul Index:You are a person with a deep, sensitive soul. You exert a soothing influence on others, making everyone find you attractive. You can give helpful suggestions to everyone, making everyone feel lighter and more comfortable after chatting.
  • Personality Index: You value affection, gentleness and composure in both words and actions. You tend to refuse help from others and want to do things yourself. You are also a very sensitive person. You are so sensitive that you are prone to extreme anxiety or depression.
  • Life Path Index: Due to your generous disposition and wanting to be able to meet all the requirements of those around you, your need for money is much higher than that of others. In addition, you often become tired, stressed, overwhelmed with work because you do not want to disturb others.
  • Attitude index:You have a rich imagination, are a dreamer and have a desire to make dreams come true. When you are in a positive, optimistic state, you can inspire everyone around you.
  • Mission Stats:Since birth, you've held on to your mission to inspire. You listen, understand, and care about people. In addition, your special mission is to recognize and use your creativity, intuition, and healing powers for the benefit of all of humanity.

Learn the meaning of numerology number 22/4  – In numerology (multiplier arithmetic), the main numbers talk about many issues such as personality, advantages, disadvantages, the most correct and suitable development orientation. best for one person. Numerology number 22/4 is no exception when someone has this dominant number, in addition to knowing their own personality, their children, their family members accurately, the daily charts birth reveals much more than that.  

Numerology  also offers individual flaws and solutions, helping us to become better by filling in virtual numbers on the birth chart.

How do you know if you have the dominant number 22/4, it's very simple, you just need to add the numbers in your calendar birthday together, if the total is 22 then that's the dominant number April 22. For example, if you were born on January 30, 1980 , when adding 3+0+1+1+9+8+0 = 22. And then you just need to see what is described below and you have the information. about myself. Also note to you that the main number 22/4 is one of the quite special numbers, only 1-2% of people have this number.      

2.11 Numerology number 22

The person with this dominant number is known as the King leading number. That's why these people have a great ability to work, have special abilities, they have the ability to do extraordinary things, if they know they have a dominant number of 22/4. In case they do not know that they have this number, they will not be able to realize how great the potential power is within themselves, and they become lost and lost, immersed in boredom. and despair, lonely lost in the crowd.

Simply put, these 22 to 4 people are sent by nature to guide the world, a top spiritual leader to subconsciously develop the world. However, it is important for people with this dominant number to go through obstacles, it is important that they realize they are special or not. While staying positive, while remaining open-minded, and always trying their best, this dominant number will be at the center of almost any field they pursue.

In today's modern world, amidst the chaos of worries. People with the dominant number 22/4 need to be educated in the best way possible, have their own space to research, explore and never stop learning. It is important that they are equipped with knowledge so that when entering life they cannot overcome obstacles. Then they will become super leaders in all aspects of life, whether it is business or political organizations or the micro-hosts of religions..etc., they are all the same. most resoundingly successful. They are also people with a talent for leadership, their vision is great when they are put in their rightful place as some of the main kings . When they're in their right place, they can overcome any obstacle that most ordinary people wouldn't be able to overcome. 

People with the dominant number 22/4 are also very emotional, but they don't know how to express it, or they think it's not necessary to show their emotions. So this is the number that is said to be the absence of emotion.

People with this dominant number they also have a passionate personality, love to explore to overcome great challenges without ever faltering. This is one of the outstanding and worthy of respect.