Emperor Star - The meaning of life place and Other place


Nội dung chính [Hiện]

Emperor Star is the most important star in Horoscope Science, because it is the emperor star of the imperial court (the Emperor here is also understood as the Emperor) holding the constellation South and North Dou. The chief of the five elements that gave birth to all things is this Emperor Star. Therefore, when looking at any chart, one must look at the position of the Horoscope, No matter where it is placed, it affects all the signs on the chart. Below, let 's analyze the full meaning Emporor Star of life place and 12 Other place.

Characteristics of the horoscope star

Ngu Hanh:  Earth.

Constellation:  South – North Star

Type:  Theme , Emperor Star

  • Temple: Horse, Tiger, Monkey
  • Prosperity: Dragon, Dog
  • Location:  Ox, Goat
  • Rampage:  There is no stopping position, only medium position in Pig, Rat, Cat, and Rooster.

In the 14 Major Star, the Star Horoscope is at the top of the Horoscope constellation consisting of 6 stars in the order: Emperor, Mercy, Sun, Finance, Hedonist and Upright Star. The Horoscope is based on the Bureau and the date of birth, you can find out how to make a horoscope on this website.    

Interpretation of the Star Horoscope

The star horoscope carries the five earth elements, is highest throne, the Emperor, is the star of the King, is the leading star in horoscopes, Why is the horoscope bearing the five earth elements, so it dominates the square, covers, uses nourish, cover, bestow, protect, combat, reconcile and neutralize calamities, The horoscope stars close each sign signifying many different meanings, however, when the Horoscope is closed, it does good for the sign. that's up, and there's almost no bad connotation.

The Emperor Star is Happy life, longevity, and fortune, so it is also a star that helps to increase life expectancy. The Air Lock of Emperor Star is respect rights, honor, so Emperor Star is also the owner of fortune and abundance. And because it is the star of the moon, the horoscope neutralizes diseases, neutralizes bad things, increases life expectancy, eliminates evil ...

Horoscope is the Emperor, Emperor, governing all the remaining constellations, However, this is also a rather sensitive, sensitive and easily influenced set of stars and other minor stars. .

Emperor is a set of stars who are not good at speaking, only good at talking when going with stars such as Intellectual, Intelligence, Green-Dragon or Move. If the Horoscope suffers from Void, Obstruct or edema disease, it becomes a slow person.

The Emperor Star meaning of Life Palace

Meaning of shape

When the horoscope star is in the zodiac sign, the figure is of medium size, few people are tall, unless they are together with the stars such as Flower , Wedding, Officer, Minister, the figure is tall. When the horoscope is in the destiny, the figure is bold, the face is square, the skin is a bit dark, neatly dressed, when walking with a slightly hunched back, walking gently, working slowly and somewhat slowly . 

Meaning of personality

When the horoscope plays the destiny sign, the person is somewhat reserved, timid, smiling, calm and quiet.

“See the horoscope of personality wall

Think about why destiny is the head

Horoscope silently measuring brown skin

Righteous people are not wrong"

Through the above sentence, it can be seen that the person with the horoscope is a generalist, straightforward, straightforward, peaceful, and good-natured. People with horoscopes are very clean and pure.

People with horoscopes in the zodiac sign always think that they are seniors and are very difficult to approach, difficult to contact, self-righteous and capable of imposing on others. Therefore, the guardian of the Star of Horoscope has a form, the form of a leader, quiet and gentlemanly.

People with a Horoscope never promise anything when they do not know or have not figured out the problem.

People with Emperor Star do not hold grudges inside, are willing to forgive others, this property is very similar to General Star, they are always cheerful, gentle, do not cause enmity with others, especially those who have helped me, this point is similar to Celestial Star.

The meaning of fortune and disaster

The person with the Zodiac sign is the person who has a lot of luck, because the nature of the Horoscope is the Lucky Star, so it neutralizes calamities, neutralizes evil, and likes to do good, not to do evil.

"The bad luck is not good

There is a star Tu close to him to solve the problem"

When the Star of Horoscope is in the zodiac sign, he does not like Void or Tri., Emperor Star is the emperor, so he needs the military, needs the stars of talisman, protection, advice and advice, Just like a King needs Quan. Van to have a strategy, it is necessary to have mandarin martial arts to protect, to have someone to fight. Therefore, Horoscope needs Left-Deputy, Right Deputy, Intellectual, Intelligence, Noble, Angel, Studies, Supportive, Custodian, especially Can Seal and Banner.

The person who has the star horoscope protects the destiny, but in the three unions there are Seal, Banner, Noble, Angel , if there is an additional Supportive, Custodian is a person of polite manners, having a reputation with the world. If the Horoscope has more Seals, Foxes, Left-Deputy, and Right Deputy, then he will become a great mandarin in the court, this is the model of a person who does great things for the Nation, absolutely loyal to the people and the Fatherland.

People with Horoscope Star always tend to yield to others, especially when they come home, they leave everything behind, somewhat respect their wife, because when the zodiac sign is horoscope, the palace has the set of Attacking Style. .

Types of Horoscopes

Death Palace Tiger Monkey

The best horoscope stars are in the Tiger and Monkey Palace, this time with the Treasury star. In the rich, there is a saying " Tzu Phu is in the same palace, Trung Than is happy." Those who have the same palace will be happy when they are old and enjoy good fortune.  

Horoscope does not like to go with the Ministry of Six Assassins (Torture, Jealousy, Misfortune , Earth Tribulation, Siren and Mars). When the Horoscope meets these stars who are also considered Emperor Wu Hung Tu , at this time, the number is easy to be hasty, easy to rush, easy to trust people, gullible. While Emperor is benevolent star, meeting Misfortune Robbery becomes a confused person, easy to make friends outside, easy to be dragged by the environment, get along with bad people . life reduction. 

Death of Greed Rabbit

This is also known as the Way of the Emperor Wu villain. If you meet more Misfortune or Robbery, it is easy to escape the mundane world to become a monk. The ancients have a saying "  Zi Tham does not live to lose the habit of raising money" . It is said that people with the Horoscope, Greed, and Zodiac signs are easily bored with life and seek spiritual practice.

Horoscope Belongs to the Earth element, Flirting joins Wood, Wood carving Earth, so it makes the properties of Horoscope lose its value, making its soft, gentle, and rescue properties also lost. In addition, the Horoscope is in the Rabbit sign, the Rooster is in a state of Peace, unable to promote its full strength. At this time, it is easy to be dominated by the Star of Greed .

Emperor General Dragon Dog

If the horoscope meets the celestial general, it is a righteous person, because the celestial general is in charge of the water, in conflict with the earth element of the horoscope, so the tu tu star set will reduce the reputation and reduce the perks. However, this is also a set of honorable man stars, if you meet a lot of killing stars, it is easy to become a petty, bad-tempered person. Emperor General is in the same sign, he himself is a well-educated, highly educated person with a degree, because the nature of the General Star is An Tinh, the master of the way to study. Due to the destruction of water and soil, this person cannot grasp the opportunity and easily lose the opportunity created by the times. Emperor General is located in the Dragon Palace better than the Dog Palace, because the Dragon Palace is the land of Thien Cuong (Lid) and the Dog Palace is the land of Ha Khoi (Receptacle). Thien Cuong is the place where gods canonize and canonize, and Ha Khoi is the land of condemnation and determination, so Emperor Star and General studied well, but his reputation was no longer available.

The Emperor goes with the Jupiter Ring:  If the horoscope goes to hug the fortune-tellers with the people of the yin age, there will be more Reconcilation and Phoenix, forming the Four Spirits in the three harmony of fate, these people will surely succeed. given a great responsibility. See also: the meaning of the stars of the year   

Death Slayer

The Emperor goes with the Power Star in the two conjuncts of the Rat and the Pig to form the Way of the Dead. Seven Power Star Elements Metal, Emperor belongs to the Earth element, creating a mutual life, so Emperor Power is a person who is easy to succeed, a gentleman, and righteous, but this department is a hot-tempered person. , strict, authoritative and punishing of Sao Power. 

The Deathly Hallows is a pretty good way to go, it can be said that this series has the strong authority of Attacking Style, and the intelligence of Leadership Style. Death is the King's way of holding a precious Sword, showing strong and fierce authority. Emperor Power when traveling together, whether male or female, is also a talented person, a great businessman, a prosperous trade, a very rich person.

Horoscope of the Horse

This is a beautiful way in horoscopes, at this time Emperor Star returns to the extreme position of heaven and earth to form Highest position , called the Emperor at the head of the dynasty, if there are more Left-Deputy, Right Deputy or As long as there is Noble Angel, people now have fame, status, success, fame, responsibility to the people around them, and gentleness. At this time, the number will say very little, only smiling. Life has a lot of luck, going out in the society, friends respect and admire you immensely.  

If the Emperor Star of the Horse meets Void, the Obstruct is the way to piss off the tide , lose the road to fame. In fact, horoscope, no matter which bow, does not like to meet the patrol. 

The Ox of the Dead

The horoscope star resides in the Ox and Goat when meeting with the star of the Ox , forming the way of the Death of the Ox , this is a very complicated way in horoscopes, this way is called the way the gentleman is in the wild . gentle, sometimes fierce, sometimes good, sometimes bad, near bad people is bad, near good people is good.

Vi Vi has a business talent, a talent to improvise, a vivacious, agile, and benevolent personality of Horoscope, has a noble ego of Horoscope but is accompanied by the destructiveness of Ruinous and Doo. The Army of the Army. Emperor Ruinous considers himself the best in the world, he can do whatever he likes, so he easily becomes a fool, unruly and overbearing. This is also considered a form of Emperor Wu Hung Tu .

People with the fate of the Zodiac horoscope usually have a tall figure, a very beautiful face, and are somewhat prosperous in business and trade. If the Horoscope is in the same direction, it is difficult for people to have a reputation with life.  

The Emperor Star meaning of other Place.

Because the horoscope is Blissful, longevity Star, and fortune stars, so the horoscope closes any sign to make it better and almost does not have any bad meaning.

The Emperor Star meaning in Parent Palace 

When the Star of Horoscope enters the parental palace, the parents are the people with longevity, the parents are the rich and the rich, with a position in society. If the Mother's Palace has a horoscope that blesses a lot of sand, then the Mother and Father have great power, especially in the three parent zodiac signs with Left-Deputy, Right Deputy, India, Fox and the position of the Sun and the bright Thai Yin , the more certain they are. more certain.

The Emperor Star meaning in Happiness Palace 

When horoscopes reside in the palace, this family family distributes ancestral graves, there are many people in the family who are mandarins, have positions in society, in the previous life, their ancestors had people working in the court, aristocratic lineage. , son of a king and son of a king.

If horoscope lives in HappinessPalace, but gets to be Treasury, or General, and Power in the same palace, many relatives will go far away, become famous and successful in other countries.

If you meet Flirting and Ruinous in the same palace, many relatives will be separated, and the family life will also decrease a bit.

In case Happiness Place has a Emperor and adds No, Robbery, Torture Jealousy, Mars, it is not good, the family has someone involved in the law, which is also a way to reduce happiness a lot.

The Emperor Star meaning in Property Palace 

If you live in a horoscope, you will have abundant estate, lots of land and houses, clean houses, self-made houses, servants and servants in the house, a reading room, and a manor house.

“Zi Wei is stationed at the palace.”

This house must have a manor house.”

Especially, the horoscope of the palace and the floor is easy to bring Buddha to worship , because Tu Vi is a star of Phuc Tinh, near the house there are Dinh Temples, Pagodas, and Temples . There are many great leaders near my house.  

In the case of Emperor with more Power , Breaking Army, and Flirting in the same palace, it will also reduce the good thing a lot. Especially, when the Horoscope is in the same position as Ruinous, the real estate is lost, and it is also easy to move house and move many times to be quiet.

The Emperor Star meaning in Career Palace 

Tu Vi resides in Career palace is also a great way in horoscopes, at this time it is easy to be a leader or as a secretary for a very large leader. In the work of speaking, there are people to listen to, people to respect, organize and arrange work very well, work independently.

Emperor, Power at Career palace:  Easy to follow the profession of martial arts, auditing, finance, inspection, inspection and supervision of works.

Tu Vi, General of the same palace in Quan  is easy to be the leader of monopoly and authoritarianism. At this time, Manh Co Finance Star and Treasury are also people who are easy to make money, passionate about making money, have very good financial management ability. good, if blessed with a lot of assassins easily involved in gambling, making money recklessly and daringly.

Tu Pha or Tu Tham in Quan is a bad way, not a big name, often have to change and move at work, easily get into trouble at work, encounter many ups and downs.

The Emperor Star meaning in Friend Palace 

Horoscope entered the Friend Place, the number of people has many friends, relationships with many talented people, many people promoted, many people are leaders, have power in society. Get help from friends, don't be deceived by friends.

In the case of Cung No encountering many Assassins (King, Jealousy, Misfortune, Robbery, Linh, Hoa, Hinh, and Rieu), it is also easy to draw factions to form parties, causing many disputes.

The Emperor Star meaning in Travel Palace 

Of course, going out has a lot of luck, few people harm themselves. Going out with many helpers, a favorable environment, going out to meet many people of high status in society, as well as often meeting many powerful people to help.

In case Travel Place has many bad stars or is in the same palace with Ruinous and Flirting, it is also easy to be deceived, going out to meet many discontented stories.

The Emperor Star meaning in Health Palace 

Horoscope is the star of reconciliation, when you live in poverty, you can reduce illness, eliminate calamities, and when you are in trouble, you will be helped by many noble people.

If you live with a disability, when you die, many people will come to your funeral, many powerful officials will attend, and when you die, it is easy for you to come back and meditate.

"On the way to meet Tiger welcome

Meet the King far away from the West"

The Emperor Star meaning in Wealth Palace 

The number of lucky, favorable, easy money making money. Do not meet bad guys who cheat money, as well as money. If you live in the horoscope, you will never be poor in the Wealth palace

Especially if horoscope is in the same palace as Treasury, Emperor Star is in the Horse, then at this time the number is very rich, getting rich quickly and easily.

In the case of a supply contract with Flirting and Ruinous, the economic money will face many difficulties, reduce your money. If meeting Void Tri also reduces money, making money is not lucky.

The Emperor Star meaning in Children Palace 

Children become successful, give birth to noble children. If they were in the same palace as Treasury, Thien General, and Power, they would have both boys and girls, their children would study well, be filial and respectful to their parents.

In the case of a single-handed horoscope in the womb of the Tu or the same palace with the Flirting, the Ruinous, the children are late, the children are few, the children are in conflict with their parents, if there are more Killing Stars, the more certain they are.

The Emperor Star meaning in Marriage Palace 

Emperor entered the palace is a noble way, the number of marrying a wife is a son of a prestigious family, the husband and wife protect each other, take care of each other, love each other, it is easy to marry a gentle and beautiful wife. The wife's family has status, many people are mandarins.

In the case of a contract with Flirting, Ruinous or getting married with more killing stars, it will be poor, not good, at this time it is easy to match the number of two times, the husband and wife are separated and discord.

The Emperor Star meaning in Sibling Palace 

My brothers and sisters are noble, elegant, gentle, gentle and wealthy people. Brothers and sisters are in harmony with each other, both of them are well-off economic people.

In the same palace as Ruinous, it is easy to have heterosexual brothers, discord brothers, and few brothers.

In the same palace as Flirting, if there are more killing stars, it is easy to have thugs and rogues, and there are brothers who die in battle and die young.

The Emperor stars come to term

Emperor does not have a position to hold the ground, so in general, it is very good to meet at the shrines, temples, prosperity or favorable locations or the same palace with Treasury, General, Left-Deputy, Right Deputy, Fame Authority Prosperity, it is very good, fame and fortune are all beneficial, all-round good luck. If you go with Noble, Angel, there will be many victories in all aspects.

- Particularly in peaceful positions such as Rat, Pig, Cat, Rooster, it is not good, normal, so if it is disadvantaged, it is difficult to survive.

– If you meet Void Obstruct in both terms, your life is in danger.

– Encounter with killing stars (No, Robbery, Cavalry, Judgment ): Sickness, loss of property, litigation. 

– Meet Torture, Jealousy, Horse: Sick, cheated.

Dai Yun meets the star Zi Vi

Great luck meets a very favorable horoscope for fame, job promotion, abundant fortune, all disasters and accidents from ferocious sand, very lucky in money. It is very rare for people to die in the great horoscope, unless the horoscope now encounters too many killing stars such as Mourning Pegasus, Judgment Annoyance, Torture Jealousy, Misfortune Robbery ... or when the horoscope meets Emperor, Power at the same time, it is also in the same period. The state of selling sand is semi-hung, but this time is still lucky for the road to fame.

If Dai Yun meets the horoscope like we find Minh Quan, at work we will surely find a good job under the supervision of a very good, very kind boss, and have management and fortune. prosperous.

Bad luck doesn't care

There is a star Tu close to me to solve the problem