Buddha teaches about the principle of wealth: Practice brings more happiness


Nội dung chính [Hiện]

Buddha's teachings on the principle of wealth are completely based on real-life bases that when we realize it, we are surprised by its simplicity. However, not everyone can do it without enough determination.

The middle class in society is very much, but to become rich - that is, to eat more than usual, not everyone can have it. The Buddha taught the following principle of wealth that is closely linked to one's own practice. 

1. Choose the right career

Before thinking about being rich, we must also get a job and thereby benefit society. It is a very important first step that the Buddha taught about the role of parents with children mentioned. He advised parents to try their best to create conditions for their children to study, so that in the future they will have a job to support themselves.

Therefore, with the support of their parents, each individual needs to study hard in order to have a sustainable career in the future, thereby having the opportunity to accumulate money and property. What parents think is just the foundation, the basis, how far can be developed depends on the children's own ability.  

Choosing the right career must also be careful to stay away from jobs that are causing more bad karma such as killing animals, trading frauds, trafficking people,... There are many jobs to earn a living, but don't accept it for money. accept to do things that cause evil and suffering to all beings.

2. Never stop learning

Humans are superior to other animals in their ability to learn cool things to improve themselves more and more every day. From time immemorial, it is through this core that we have become more evolved, more intelligent. The next generation always creates more amazing things than the previous generation thanks to this ability to learn constantly.

The Buddha showed us that we are using this human body to learn the lessons of the world. It is just a means for us to learn things in this life, so use them wisely, not wasting any precious time in the human realm.

Learning is not only in reading more books, studying materials but also in following the example of those who have succeeded or drawing lessons about failure from those around you.

Accumulating knowledge to create wealth, build wealth for yourself is very important. And getting rich quickly is very dangerous, will that wealth last forever in the impermanence of things that are dependent on origin? The answer is clear to everyone: No.

Reality has proven that many rich people have had to sell everything to cure their diseases or some people have accumulated all their lives, but their children end up destroying them all in just a few years. Or many artists have innumerable money in their heyday, but when they get old, they don't have a penny in their pocket...

Money and wealth are just temporary things, so keep learning. have the opportunity to find money back with their own wisdom.

The Jews point out that the most stable thing is wisdom because it is through wisdom that even when we have nothing in our hands, we can still rebuild everything from scratch.

It can be said that the role of intelligence and thinking in the development process of society in general and in doing business to enrich each person in particular is very important. Therefore, never take learning lightly no matter what age you are. 

3. Hardworking, patient

If you ask the secret to getting rich from successful people, you will realize that the common denominator of most of them is that from hard work, going up. That process they have to pay with sweat, tears. And those who get rich quick, the money goes away as quickly and as quickly as it came.

Therefore, in order to have sustainable wealth, the Buddha always advises us to always work hard, diligently, and patiently. Whatever you do, you have to do your best, work hard to the end to get results. When you find it difficult to give up, there is no chance to conquer challenges, and no chance to progress intellectually.

Let's glorify our labors, because through that we unlock our wisdom. But you also have to be patient enough until you see real results, not "standing in this mountain and looking at that mountain".

Even if you have a dream of getting rich, if you don't persevere and be patient, you will only burn sticky rice. Even though we have completed 90% of the process of getting rich, we only need 10% more, but because we are so depressed that we give up and refuse to move forward, we will end up falling into poverty in the future. Thus, only wasting time and effort during that 90% but ultimately not getting out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Remember the Buddha's teachings on this principle of wealth to always be diligent and patient throughout your journey. Don't get discouraged because you haven't seen any results. If we encounter difficulties, we should persevere in solving them little by little, believing that we are having to solve a difficult problem. Once we solve it, we will become smarter and richer. It is also a very interesting process in the process of getting rich that everyone has to go through and no one is an exception.

4. Win-win thinking

Business people should remember firmly thinking: For mutual benefits, you will easily overcome difficulties in the journey to get richer than ever.

For example, when you are confused about which materials to choose to create finished products for customers, you should prioritize good quality products, with reasonable prices. Avoid trickery, greed to create improper products, the risk of contract cancellation is very high.

In a difficult situation, if it's too secretive, if you can't win together, then accept yourself to suffer a little bit, but keeping your credibility is the right thing to do. In fact, even though it is considered a disadvantage now, it is an opportunity to increase profits many times in the future.
Always think about the interests of others besides your own, always keep your credibility, otherwise the wealth on the basis of self-interest is very fragile and quickly disappears over time.
Therefore, let's get rich by the right way, for mutual benefits, only then will we and our loved ones be at peace and our property will last for a long time.

5. Practice thrift 

The funny thing about life is that the more you earn, the more you spend. If you have a salary of tens of millions, you live in the style of tens of millions, but up to 5 times that amount, you "burden" more money to buy a house, money for international school for your children, money to buy a new phone, car, etc. in the end the number is still negative but not saving anything.

So if you want to get rich, you also have to know how to save, otherwise the mountain money will also run out with the habit of wasteful spending, not clearly defining what is needed and what is wanted.

In any situation, do not forget to accumulate so that you can one day enjoy the happiness of a rich person.

Do not criticize the change of coins, as long as any coin that makes your account positive is worth the effort. The accumulation of small to big is always the way of wise people, not like the fools who like to "get rich quick" out there. 

If you focus on using money to satisfy your life, it will only make it easier to fall into wrong desires. Meanwhile, to get rich, one must work diligently and save, skillfully use their money in investing for the future.

Thus, true wealth is ultimately the ability to keep assets safely and a peaceful mind before all events occur in life. 

6. Don't forget to give alms

The Buddha's teachings on luck have shown that each person creates his own luck. That is, each person is born with a "blessed field" of his own. Some people have little, some have a lot, can't exchange, can't give, even if they want to "steal" they can't.

One of the ways to make the field more fertile is to practice giving. Giving alms does not need to wait until you are rich to be able to do it because there are many other ways such as: giving advice, knowledge or speaking Dharma to people who benefit; give them joy,...

In general, don't think too much about generosity, observe in daily life, see someone in need of help, then happily support in ability, without expecting anyone to reciprocate.

7. Always know enough 

In the Buddha's teaching on the principle of wealth, it is mentioned that knowing enough is the basis of lasting wealth. Otherwise, greed will burn up all the merit and blessings that we have created before.

In everyday life we ​​have seen, people with a few billion dream about a million dollar dream, people with million dollars want hundreds of billions, trillions, ... and that greed often pulls them away with a whirlpool. money but neglect other important values ​​of life.

Accordingly, the Buddha did not have to encourage the attitude of a peaceful person, but instead always understand his role, try to take it step by step, not in a hurry so that it is easy to make mistakes, then it is a step backwards. no more progress.

When we know enough, we can keep a balance: living without waste and not being too greedy with ourselves and others. Knowing enough is to know that the journey to making money is a joyful and peaceful journey, not losing happiness to chase money.