The kitchen is according to feng shui, the money is unspeakable


Nội dung chính [Hiện]

The kitchen is a place to create delicious food, warm for the whole family, but the kitchen also brings fortune. Let's explore the kitchen feng shui to attract fortune.

Arrange the right feng shui kitchen position

The kitchen is a place to cook, display food and drink for the whole family, and also a place to wash vegetables, so the amount of water used here is a lot.

In feng shui , water is a symbol of fortune, seeing Thuy means seeing Loc, so the standard feng shui kitchen will bring a lot of fortune to the family.
Clean water is of course good, but what about dirty water, is dirty water bad? If dirty water flows from inside the house to the outside, it will have a very positive effect. Surely many of you will be surprised by this, but it is not natural that people design for wastewater to flow outside their home.
It is not simply a matter of hygiene, because when dirty water flows out, it is like carrying bad luck to dissipate. Moreover, it also has the effect of suppressing the bad air that is close, eliminating the term for the whole family.
Therefore, when arranging and choosing a location to make the kitchen in the house, remember to try to choose a location that is not very important or can be the main character in your house.

However, this can only be applied to private houses, when you have the conditions to build and design your own house, but with apartments or ready-made houses, it is a matter of having the kitchen located in the wrong feng shui position. often.
If you are not satisfied with good kitchen feng shui , don't worry too much, because there is nothing that cannot be resolved. When the feng shui kitchen is not as expected, the location is not suitable for the house feng shui, you can still solve it by changing the position of the stove or resetting the kitchen door. 

Avoid conflicting five elements in kitchen feng shui 

The kitchen must not only have Water, but definitely also have to have Fire. The fire here is the fire of the stove, although many families now choose to use an induction cooker or an electric stove, the position of the stove is still considered a symbol of Fire.
In the five elements, Fire is Fire, Water is Water. In kitchen feng shui , you will see the appearance of both these five elements. The sink and faucet represent the five elements of Water, while the stove, rice cooker or refrigerator represent the five elements of Fire.
Perhaps anyone who has ever learned about the elements of the five elements knows that Mercury is intolerant, these two elements are in conflict with each other, therefore, when arranging the kitchen, you absolutely must not ignore the matter. this.

If the kitchen is in conflict with Thuy Hoa, it is easy to destabilize fortunes, fortunes in ups and downs, and many uncertainties. But on the contrary, if arranged properly, do not let the two elements oppose each other, it can create extremely good effects, Thuy Hoa supports each other.
The best way is that you should not arrange the stove too close to the water source to avoid close proximity to each other. If you are not proficient in feng shui, do not make a mess, let the two actions overcome each other, the owner's fortune is also less smooth.

The kitchen takes the female owner's talent as the standard

The woman is considered to be the soul of the house, the one who holds the hearts of family members, sometimes simply through the dishes cooked in the small kitchen. 
According to feng shui life, if the kitchen wants to be feng shui standard, it must take the female owner as the standard. For example, the female owner in the destiny of having Tai Tinh is good, at this time the position of the kitchen should be arranged according to the fortune according to the female owner's destiny. Doing so will not only harmonize the family but also can be prosperous and useful, helping to increase the fortune in the house more and more.

Place to store kitchen utensils 

Kitchenware here can be simply understood as pots and pans used for daily cooking. According to kitchen feng shui, you should not store kitchen utensils under a window or in front of a window, although that can make the utensils dry and airy.
The reason for this note is because when placing the kitchenware in that position, it will be suppressed by the beam, affecting the fortune and health of the whole family. In addition, do not place the pot rack in the position opposite the main door or at the top of the stairs.
With cutlery or other kitchen utensils should not be hung on the wall. You should neatly put it in the drawer, just to be safe, out of reach of children and avoid the dangers that the close airflow brings.

Refrigerator placement

Almost every home today has a refrigerator to keep food fresh. In terms of feng shui refrigerators , when placing a refrigerator in the house, pay attention to find a solid location, with a wall behind or around it, that is, Tua Son position. If the back is empty, it is not good, making the homeowner's fortune unstable.
In the refrigerator or rice bin should not be empty, because empty is poor, full is rich. You can put 5 coins in the refrigerator or rice bin, symbolizing the fortune always in the house, attracting more and more fortune to your home.