Not caring about feng shui parking can cause money to dissipate


Nội dung chính [Hiện]

There are people who use the garage door more than the main door, so the feng shui parking space needs to be taken seriously because it directly affects the fortune of your family.

Every day you go home from the door of the parking lot, so parking has become an important position that must not be neglected. Therefore, feng shui parking spaces and garages must meet the needs of use, and need to be adjusted to suit the feng shui of houses. 

The feng shui role of parking spaces

Garages are often not considered as important as other spaces in the house such as bedrooms or living rooms, so we, especially Vietnamese people often just follow the standard.

In essence, the garage is still a type of warehouse (carrying). Whether the warehouse is for precious or discarded goods, the warehouse is wide or narrow, it is necessary to meet the correct function of protecting the contents (vehicle) inside, convenient and safe use, smoothly connecting with the spaces. other. 
Basically, the garage has the nature of a warehouse, which cannot be replaced and cannot be reversed with other functions. 

According to the principle of Yin - Yang, places where there is a lot of communication and changes often (Yang flourishes) should have flexible adjustment and can add or remove Yang layouts.
The expensive car is left in the garage, but not everyone knows if the garage is ferocious or auspicious, but good or bad in feng shui is only conventional.
From the right concept of exploitation and use, it is possible to establish the necessary criteria so that when designing, building and using the garage, it is not cramped or redundant, costly and wasteful. Ideally, the garage should have space for parking and washing cars, storage for tools and auxiliary equipment.

In case the townhouse is not spacious, it is possible to combine the parking space with a temporary reception area, capable of expanding the function when the house has a crowded event. Therefore, this space needs to avoid sophisticated layouts, so it is simple to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.

Basic requirements to ensure

The conditions of each family are different depending on the location of the house in the countryside or on the street, where people arrange housing, parking area outside the yard, inside the house, in the basement, ... depending on each situation. homeowner's situation.

In addition, there are families who choose a garage space that can be well combined with the reception space, trees, small guests ... as an invitation to visitors, this is suitable for houses in the city. .
But make sure the parking position must be easily visible, and at the same time ensure technical standards, such as minimum width, door opening distance, turning angle and turning radius, slope without crashing...

The area will depend on the number and type of cars and motorbikes, but must have at least: length x width of 3.5mx5m or 3.5x5.5m for long-body cars for convenience. into the garage.
And for the area, the size of the motorbike garage with an area for 1 vehicle is from 1.5 to 2m.
Design height of house with garage: Usually 2m or more depending on the height of the car

The location of the parking space is in accordance with feng shui

A car parked anywhere in the house can, in fact, affect the Five Elements Qi of the members living there. How you park your car determines the fortunes of the members of that house.

Regarding the location of the car in the house, in terms of feng shui is also an issue that needs attention. 

- Designing a townhouse garage on the ground floor: it is necessary to avoid water pipes, especially sewer water, waste pipes, avoid garbage, wells in front, exposed murderous gases, sharp corners.
- The design of the tube house has a basement as a garage, so avoid lying under the toilet, the location for garbage, sewage, and angular architecture.
- Shape of the car garage: the designs of the tube house with a car garage with a rectangular shape
- Should avoid positions such as the layout under the bedroom (technically, it can cause insomnia for the owner or family members, in terms of feng shui, it increases bad air.

- Check the door carefully. In which direction is the parking lot located. If the entrance to the parking lot violates the Ngu Hoang, Nhi Ha in the senior year, you need to pay attention to this issue. 

In case of violation of 2 stars above, you should put copper coins or feng shui objects in this position to neutralize. Definitely do not underestimate the door of the indoor car park, there is a big chance that the car park door is the real air door in your house.

- Cars in the image of trigrams belong to the Can hexagram. Eight gates of evil is the most afraid of meeting the Horse (main South), so the garage should not be located in the South, the door should not face the South itself. It is recommended to use Southwest, West, Northeast, Northwest as well.
- According to Mysterious Void ferocious benefits, in feng shui should choose an area with Son Tinh as Nhi Hac, Nhat Bach, Luc Bach, That Xich, and Bat Bach. If considering the direction flying star Complex, then the Groups 1-5, 2-5, 2-3, 3-5, 9-9, 7-9, 5-7, 4-5 are prone to blood disasters. Quang, you should stay away.
- Do not place a garage right next to or in front of the home of the owner or director (for corporate offices) because according to feng shui will greatly affect the health of the owner.
- In feng shui, it is not recommended to place a house as well as a garage located on the Dai Khong Vong route (Hoi - Nham, Quy - Ox, Dan - Giap, At - Thin, Ty - Binh, Dinh - Mui, Than - Canh, Tan - Tuat) are prone to traffic problems. 
- Avoid booking the azimuth with the age of the car owner (such as the owner of the Rat year who does not set up a garage in the Horse (South), the Ox age not located in the Mui (Southwest)... Wood should avoid using new direction)...
- In your private parking lot, you should try to use white, next to a bucket full of water.This is a way to use Metal to reduce Fire. and use Water to counter Fire, the purpose is to reduce Fire gas at the parking location.
- Those who live in the house near the parking lot must note that there are many Fire elements near your house, you need to consider whether the Fire in that position is needed or not for family members who will decide to go to the sand. for your home feng shui.
For example, the North direction in the house is the parking lot, the second son needs Fire, then this parking lot is beneficial for the second son, but if the second son is a Fire, and the car park is located in the North, then feng shui disadvantage for this child, must put feng shui items to neutralize. Normally, using Earth to neutralize, placing Earth objects in the parking position can neutralize the Fire.
- If there is a flower garden in the house, you can find a large round smooth pebble placed in the direction of the parking lot. If there is not enough space in the house, you can put pebbles on the windowsill, put all 8 stones, lined up to be able to neutralize the Fire.

Materials for parking

In the past, when building houses, we often prioritize building materials derived from nature, rough surfaces, less coating, so they are often inclined to Yin.

These days, the construction of houses and especially garages has always had dynamism, strong external communication... more inclined to use yang materials, the colors of the Metal - Water group are white, gray, and quite black. Popular.

It can be seen that the modern parking feng shui trend prioritizes the balance and harmony of the Yin - Yang parts when using materials to create more friendliness.
Materials play a major role in Air Conduction inside as well as outside the house. Porous materials, dark and dark colors, rough surfaces... often bring more Yin and slow down the flow of aerodynamics, which will add more balance to the garage space, which has a lot of movement in and out. noise and smell of gasoline.
Metal when combined with stone bricks helps to create a similar Earth Element Water set, which is very suitable when making a garage, give priority to a parking lot or garage with a roof by combining a metal frame with emery stone. Anti-slip, high tile for easy cleaning.

When arranging the garage in the basement or close to the main house, it is also necessary to pay special attention to the ability to breathe, limit flammable materials such as wood or fabric and do not forget to arrange a full fire protection system to avoid fire. (Fire etching Metal).